WAEC Upgrade Scam: NG Fan Scams The Scammer..Beware of Tony Olumen Aka Alana Wilson


waec upgrade scam

April 11, 2016 – WAEC Upgrade Scam: NG Fan Scams The Scammer…Beware of Tony Olumen Aka Alana Wilson

A fan of NaijaGists.com has scammed a scammer who promised to upgrade her WAEC result.

Hear what Moscow-based Beauty said:

Hi Moderator of Naijagists,

My name is Beauty and I based in Moscow, Russia.
After your update on Tony Olumen and his Accomplice based on the upgrade of WAEC, I deliberately called him on Thursday night with my Moscow line. He claimed that i called at closing hour. I played along by telling him my niece needs her result to be upgraded and asked how much he takes to upgrade a subject and he said N6,000. I said no problem and asked him how I can send the money and he said he will send the account number of the engineer who usually upgrade the results. I told him to forward the account details, the following day, he was the first to call asking if i received the account details and i said no. I ask him to resend it that my niece will send her WAEC details to him. Lo and behold he quickly sent the account details thinking i am a fool. He probably thinks because i stay abroad, I will fall such scam.

Below is the account details he sent on Friday evening to me:

Account Name: Alana Wilson
Bank Name: First Bank
Account Number: 3074714798

After receiving this text, I never replied him till date. Please use the social media to expose these craps.

Another scammer scammed, kudos to Beauty.