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Ways To Improve Employees Motivation At Work And Overall Workplace Productivity

how to improve motivation in workplace

By Creative Reporter

Motivation and productivity go hand in hand because one precedes the other. When workers are motivated, it encourages them to do their best thereby leading to increased productivity at their place of work.

Most employers feel it is not their duty to provide/improve motivation towards their employees because there are scores of people just waiting for the next available vacancy.

This should however not be so because employers owe it is as a duty to motivate their workers through bonuses, incentives, raises and other packages.

Beyond this, in a recent study conducted to deduce employee behaviour, it was discovered in the questionnaire that most employees stayed on the job not because of bonuses or monetary benefits but more because of how their employers made them feel.

They believe that a feeling of self-importance and knowing they were contributing towards the overall success of the company were what kept them.

To sum it up, relationship with employers and superiors helps increase motivation and thereby productivity by playing up the individual’s deep seated need to belong.

The following are proven ways on how to improve motivation and productivity. It is worthy to note that motivation comes from both angles vis-à-vis employers and employee.

  1. a) Recognition: Nothing beats motivation faster than recognition. Every body wants to be acknowledged (even if not regarded) for a good job. Therefore when employees are recognized, it has a significant impact on their spirit. It is not just enough to give them monetary rewards. When they are treated as valuable team members, it spurs them to do more.
  2. b) Be positive: Everybody puts a foot wrong st one point or the other. How ever, dwelling on the wrongs of your workers may not have the desired effect. Instead, adopt the three (3) way approach- appreciate the ones they did right, gently buy firmly tell them their wrong doings and correct them then round off by telling them how awesome they are and how you look forward to their next performance. This would definitely motivate them to put in their best so that they would not disappoint you.
  3. c) Transparency: This is key in every human relationship and employees employee relationship is no exception. Employers especially should be transparent when dealing with employees. If there is going to be a downsizing, a salary cut, back log clearing, increase in work load etc, let them know.

This makes them to know what to expect at all times and would definitely increase their productivity since they would be better prepared.

  1. d) Be Flexible: Do not arrogate your decisions on your employees and or junior colleagues unless when absolutely necessary. For instance, if there is increased work load at the office, let them decide which pattern works best for them. Some may decide to extend their work hours, others may decide to come in much earlier, others yet may decide to work the weekends. The importance thing is, as long as it gets the job done, let them have it their way.
  2. e) Offer Small and Consistent Rewards: This may not be the most effective way to encourage and improve motivation but it works too. Usually, the bonuses are offered in an annual basis. How about a change frim the norm by rewarding deserving employees there and then. This would pump their motivation adrenaline.
  3. f) Provide Security: Providing a sense of security for your employees makes them put in their best. Remember, in the Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, security falls falls right under the psychological needs. Once employees feel secure, you can be sure they would reach their full potentials.

On the part of the employees, they have the following roles to play:

  1. a) Take Breaks: You cannot be at your best when you are spent. Therefore, take breaks as this would help you refresh and rejuvenate your senses. This does not only increase productivity but is also good for your health.
  2. b) Set Feasible Goals: This helps the employee achieve huge goals one step at a time instead of taking big ones head on.
  3. c) Be Healthy: No body is supposes to cone to work sick. You would not make much progress if you drag your sick body to work. Therefore always take time off to treat yourself and indulge yourself too. You would be better off for it.
  4. d) Have a Purpose: Having a purpose and working towards it helps for personal motivation. For instance, your purpose may be to rise to the position of the manager of your department in the next five years. Having this in mind motivates you to work harder and would invariably increase productivity.

From the foregoing, it is evident that both parries have a huge role to play in providing and maintaining motivation. One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that if both parties perform their duties accordingly, the productivity rate is sure to hit the roof.


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