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Why Are Mondays So Depressing? See 5 Reasons People Hate Monday Mornings

why are monday so depressing

Why Are Mondays So Depressing? See 5 Reasons People Hate Monday Mornings

This Is Why You Hate Monday Mornings

People who love Monday mornings and can dance to work or throw smiles everywhere on a Monday morning are not super humans, they just do not have to go through the things which we will be showing you in this article. It’s no news that most people do not like Monday mornings. It’s like a significance of a new week of work, stress and total grumpiness. Starting off your week wrongly can affect your performance for the rest of the week. Studies have shown that there are ways to actually improve your overall performance for the week and it starts with your Monday mornings. In this post, I will give you some reasons why you hate Monday mornings.

  • You Hate Your Job

Well, since Monday is the first working day of the week, it is usually seen as the day you have to get everything right especially at work. Get to work early, dress very neatly and good too, for those with kids, you have to make sure your kids get to school in time and just get everything perfect. So, imagine dressing up and going to do something you do not like. If you hate your job, you’ll definitely hate Monday mornings, in fact you’ll start dreading Sunday evenings. Should you really be spending half of your day or more doing something you do not enjoy?

  • You Are Following A Routine 

If all you do is go to work at a certain time, fill some paper works, lunch, back to the paper works and remain there for a certain time, you will definitely get bored. Nobody likes to go back to boring stuff for consecutive 5 times a week, or maybe even 6! If your work has a boring routine, especially if you do not like it, then for you, Monday mornings will be scary.

  • You Have A Late Sunday Night Habit

Habits can always be broken. Your body needs the full 7 to 8 hours of rest, and if you cannot give that to it, then it will definitely be reluctant to leave the bed. Most times, sleeping late will make you wake up late and if you do manage to wake early, you might wake with a headache or body pain, already setting yourself up for a bad mood. If you do things earlier on a Sunday evening, and get to bed early, you have already started having a good Monday.

  • You Are Not Prepared 

If you have to start packing the papers back into the files and looking for what to wear when the alarm goes off on Monday morning, then you have a high chance of getting late to work, and being late to anything formal usually has a bad effect on people. You ought to get ready for Monday before Monday and not on Monday morning. So check your schedule and fix things.

  • You Are In The Wrong Office

If you do not enjoy the company of the people you work with, chances are that you are either not following your passion or the people around you do not share the same passion as you. This can be a drag. Nobody will be in a hurry to go and stay around people they do not like. Working with people that make you tensed or make you not be yourself is bad, since you spend most of the day at work, you’ll end up being tensed for most of the day and therefore most of the week.

What is your own reason for hating Mondays? You could change things, you know.

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