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nigerian celebrities income sources

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Top 5 Wealthy Nigerian Celebrities Whose Income Sources Can’t Be Verified

nigerian celebrities income sources

Wealthy Nigerian Celebrities Who Have No Verifiable Source of Income

Today, we bring you a list of wealthy Nigerian celebrities who have no verifiable income source.

The term “celebrity” has been significantly derogated these days, especially in Nigeria and other African countries. In Nigeria, every popular (and even notorious) personality is tagged “celebrity”. More so, some of these so-called celebrities, who have no tangible professional specialty, but are somehow stinkingly rich, enjoy the glamour and perks that come with the celebrity tag.

This scourge, to a large extent, has eroded the moral stance and stability of most Nigerian youths, as a good number of them have adopted the toxic “get rich or die trying” notion.

Unfortunately, this is to the detriment of the upright citizens who believe in legit hustle. More importantly, the country’s reputation in the international community is being continuously damaged by the so-called “big boys”, who engage in various forms of shady activities, with the aim of making money.

Therefore, as a wake up call, we’ll be bringing you a list of wealthy Nigerian celebrities who have no verifiable source of income. The list includes some celebrities whose known income sources are relatively insignificant compared to their lavish lifestyle. Read on!

 Top 5 Wealthy Nigerian Celebrities with No Verifiable Income Source

#1 Hushpuppi

Ray Hushpuppi is probably the most celebrated “big boy” in Nigeria. And unlike our beloved entertainers and sports men and women, who are celebrated for their professional exploits, this man is relatively known for his glamorous lifestyle. One pertinent question, which remains unanswered till date is: what does Ray Hushpuppi do for a living?.

hushpuppi source of wealth

The wealthy “Gucci man”, as the hulky big boy is fondly called, is resident in Dubai/Malaysia. And while he is known for flaunting highly expensive apparels, gadgets and vehicles, his actual source of income remains a sore subject. This had led to insinuations from several quarters regarding his source of income, which, going by media trend, is shady and shrouded in mystery.

As believed by many, Ray Hushpupi is nothing but a glorified “G-Boi”, otherwise known as internet fraudster. Although, this is a mere rumour, which remains unsubstantiated, many still believe it. Surprisingly, however, the man in question has done little to indicate otherwise. In fact, all his acts and show offs have further strengthened the assumption that he is indeed a fraudster.

According to the popular socialite, he is a “beggar” (whatever that means). Bottom line is, whether Hushpuppi’s way is legit or otherwise, his glamorous lifestyle is causing more harm than good to the psyche and confidence of many Nigerian youths, who, by hook or crook, just want to be like him.

#2 Toke Makinwa

Unlike Hushpuppi, Toke Makinwa is actually a hardworking lady with a known profession. The beautiful lady is a renowned TV host and OAP. Although the elegant OAP is a top earning professional, her financial strength is way beyond that of a corporate lackey. In clearer words, Toke Makinwa is living beyond her means, as it is an open secret that her salary/bonus/allowances is not sufficient to fund her glamorous lifestyle.

toke makinwa 10 year challenge

The OAP, whose monthly take-home is in the range of 300,000 to 600,000 Naira, lives in Lekki, drives a Range Rover Sport and dons fashionable outfits that are worth multiple folds of her salary. Although she has, thus far, had a relatively successful career in the media industry, she is better known for her flashy lifestyle.

Ironically, Toke’s glamorous lifestyle, rather than her career achievements, is what makes her a celebrity and role model today.

As emphasized earlier, Toke Makinwa earns comfortably well as an OAP and TV host. However, there’ve been rumours that her lavish lifestyle is being funded by wealthy men within the entertainment, business and political spheres of the country. True or false? We may never know!

#3 Bishop

Remember the Ozubulu church massacre? The man at the centre of the whole thing – Nnamdi Ikegwuonu – who is fondly called Bishop is a person of interest in this article. Bishop, a so-called Businessman, was credited with the construction of the Cathedral in Ozubulu, Anambra state, where the fateful incident occurred in August, 2017.

nigerian celebrities income sources

As gathered from several sources, Bishop is a renowned philanthropist in his community, who is highly revered, by the young and the old (including the royal fathers), as the golden boy of the community. However, despite his alleged magnanimity and philanthropic works, his main stream of income remains a mystery.

Rumours have it that the celebrated “big boy” is actually a druglord and a gang kingpin, with connects in Africa, Middle East and the Far East. According to unverified reports, the Ozubulu massacre, which brought to light the alleged shady activities of Bishop, was a kickback of a drug deal gone wrong.

Although, the allegation of Bishop being a druglord is mere hearsay and thus holds no water, it remains the only credible story as to the source of his wealth. Despite the magnitude of this allegation, the man whom the spear is aimed at has done little to nothing to dispel these rumours/allegations.

Is Bishop a druglord or a legit businessman? We’ll get to know sooner or later!

#4 B-Naira

Here is another so-called celebrity with no tangible source of income! B-Naira, whose real name is Wale Adebayo is a graduate of Unilag. He is a music artiste, albeit a relatively unpopular one. However, despite his relative unpopularity in the Nigerian music scene, he is many times richer than some of the so-called top musicians in the country. And this has put the big boy’s actual source of income under scrutiny.

b naira source income

Rumours have suggested that B-Naira is one of the leading “G-Boiz” or “Wire Wire Boiz” in Nigeria today. He cruises around in the latest Mercedes Benz, dons designer clothes and shoes, and lives in luxurious multimillion Naira apartments. Reports have it that, B-Naira owns a recording studio in Lagos, which many believe is a front for covering up his shady business(es).

Is B-Naira’s hustle legit or fraudulent? Time will tell!

#5 Opa 6ix

Opa 6ix is one of the most popular personalities in the media sphere with no credible profession or source of income. The popular Malaysian-based “big boy”, whose real name is Opaogun Akinola, enjoys massive respect and accolades from the “who-is-whos” in the Nigerian entertainment scene, notably Reminisce, 9ice and the likes.

He has been openly acknowledged as a wealthy Yahoo boy by some of his friends in the entertainment industry. And not once has he shied away from these ill-thought acknowledgements. Although, this only insinuates his involvement in internet fraud, there’s been no tangible evidence to give credence to the claim.

For all we know, Opa 6ix could be a legit hustler; however, from all indications, that would be one of the wonders of the world.

Closing Note

This article points at the flawed mentality of some Nigerian celebrities, who are never shy of showing off their wealth, but lack the confidence nor the pride to reveal to the world how they acquired their wealth.

Disclaimer: This article is, in no way, targeted at any personality, interest or group. It is a mere entertainment piece, with a subtle inspirational theme, aimed at encouraging legit hustlers in staying true to their game and not get distracted by the so-called big boys who have little or no pride/confidence in their shady hustles.



  1. Duru James

    April 23, 2019 at 11:12 PM

    yahoo boys and prostitute nothing more

  2. Fifelomo

    April 24, 2019 at 9:57 AM

    Big time yahoo plus guys.

  3. Rosy

    April 27, 2019 at 1:19 PM

    Some of them are into ritualists, yahoo, drug dealings, trafficking of people and online business

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