Wedding Galore For Wasiu Ayinde, K1’s Daughters: Fashola, Saheed Osupa & Others Storm Ijebu Ode

fashola k1 daughter wedding

March 10, 2014 – Wedding Galore For Wasiu Ayinde, KWAM1’s Daughters: Fashola, Aregbesola, Saheed Osupa & Others Storm Ijebu Ode

Few days after the wedding ceremony of his two daughters, Fuji star Wasiu Ayinde Marshal has given away his 3rd daughter in marriage.

Yesterday, Sekinat and her fiance, Ademola Adeyemo got married at Wasiu Ayinde’s mansion in his home town of Ijebu Ode in Ogun State.

Lagos State Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola was the Chairman of the star-jammed wedding ceremony.

Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola was also at the wedding ceremony.

Despite the ongoing rivarly fight between them, Fuji star Saheed Osupa humbled himself when he showed up at the occasion

We learnt Osupa stormed the event around 3:15 pm yesterday with his friends.

Popular Ibadan-based Chief Fijabi Akinade, a close friend to Wasiu Ayinde told him to embrace peace and forgive Saheed Osupa.

Check out more pictures from Wasiu Ayinde’s daughter’s wedding ceremony below:

fashola k1 daughter wedding

26 thoughts on “Wedding Galore For Wasiu Ayinde, K1’s Daughters: Fashola, Saheed Osupa & Others Storm Ijebu Ode

  1. @ prince jide u are also fool,a big fool,for u to use such word,many will be saying rubbish here without minding there english. congrat sekinat,waa last nile hubby e ooo(amen)

    • I don’t blame the people that comments but, the administrator that allow such comments to pass through. Some given birth to as somebody, some nobody but acquired what it takes to be somebody, while others remains as nobody. Gov.Fashola or k1 has nobody to apologise to. Celebrate others today so that, you can be celebrated tomorrow. Congrats to the ojusagbola’s family.

  2. Congratulation to the both family
    the blessing of the lord will speak on the union in jesus name (AMEN).
    A word to the union mother’s and families, please remember that a home is not build a day, dont back on one side, give them chance to understand each others.
    * 08038433483 #

  3. Gov. RajiRaji Fashola has descended so low for honoring such an invitation from an arrogant idiot called Wasiu Ayinde. This governor does not respect the office of the governor of Lagos State. Gov. Fashola should explain to all Lagos residents the reason or reasons why he spent their fund to attend such party. What can Lagos youths emulate from an arrogant man like KWAM 1? Are they going to emulate his arrogant character, lack of respect for his elders in the field of fuji or his wickedness towards young Fuji musicians like Pasuma, Osupa just to mention a few? This arrogant idiot formally known as Wasiu Ayinde Barrister humiliated Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister openly before his sudden death. The same idiot claimed on Sahara TV that sole responsibility of Fuji music rest on his weak and arrogant shoulders while General Kollington Ayinla is still living. KWAM 1 musical talent without good manner makes him absolutely unqualified for Gov. FASHOLA invitation. Anyway, we are all aware of the facts that the Southwest governors from Yoruba section of Nigeria lavished public funds on this foolish Fuji musician. Gov. Fashola should tell us (Lagosians) of what use is Wasiu Ayinde to Lagos State advancement that warrant him to spend public fund to honor such invitation from the most arrogant musician ever in Nigeria history. Congratulations to both couples for their marriage. I’m sincerely Wishing both the husband and wife for a wonderful married life.

    • The unfortunate thing about you’s perhaps, you are too frustrated. All over the world stars are well celebrated not minding their background, but their chosen field. President, governors, captains of industries are few among those that accord the people due respect. Please broad your mind and be objective during submission.

    • Pasuma u av started again ,I no u re behind all dis foolish comment,congrats 2 the newly weded couple and 4 u saheed osupa u re mouthed 4 ur maturity nd understanding

  4. I’m only commenting on the fact dt Gov. Fashola has stoop so low to attend ceremonies like dis, when I was doing my swearing in @Lagos, iyana paja. He couldn’t attend in person but sent his delegates, same wif Amosun wia my twin sister served, though he was around on P.O.P. But 4him not to honour the future leaders in d 1st place, since their kids were not in comrades wif us, they school abroad then come back to be the replacing future Leaders. So why honour set of packaged touts like dis ones when u gave no regard to upcoming shining stars. Anyways, tis well! Congrats to the new couples, HML

  5. Don’t knw, I juz feel hurt and amazed that u could go 2 ij/ode to attend dis and skip a 30 mins attention juz hia @ ipaja, juz get there… Read speach of 5mins, stay a lil and gerawt. Oga oo! Fashola, abeg stop ol dis kind yeye party. Though, still ur loyal citizen, love u

  6. omokehinde, Gov.Fashola owe you no explanation. he has the right to attend any invitation he feel like honouring, stop addressing the Governor as if you are bossing him. Also stop criticizing people, let God Almighty do the judgement himself.

    • Hello my dear sister-Chichi. Let me say this to you as a Nigerian woman who does not understand her rights and the rules of laws governing any true democracy, Gov. Raji Fashola does not elects himself as the current governor of Lagos state. He was elected by all Lagos residents irrespective of their tribes or national origin, therefore, he Fashola owns me, you, and all Lagosians real explanation on the reasons why he descended so low to attend party of the most arrogant musician in Nigerian history. My dear sister, the governor is the servant of the electorates (people) while we the people of Lagos State are is boss and not the other way round. Furthermore, he uses Lagos taxpayers’ money wastefully on security, transportation, and so on and so forth to attend that unreasonable KWAM 1 party in Ijebu Ode. In my opinion, Gov. Fashola has no respect for the peoples’ office of the Governor of Lagos state and that itself is very shameful. It important to also tell you that he- Gov. Fashola has no right in any true democracy to lavish or spend people’s money stupidly without any accountability. As to King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, I’m not God Almighty and I have on power to judge him. But prove my claims about the arrogant musician wrong. My sister fact will ever remain fact no matter how we sweets it. Thank Chichi for your contribution.

  7. Everyone that calls King Wasiu an arrogant fool are idiots cos they don’t know what they are saying here.Some of them have never met K1 before in their lives and they are here saying rubbish…I don’t blame them cos they have never reach an height of success in their lives.K1 is the most talented artiste in Nigeria today whether u believe it or NOT..Gov.Fashola have shown love and affection to the great legend and kudos to you Gov.Fashola…How is Jagaban Oga Nla Of Africa…K1 awon ko loda wa kini ose won ti won fisoro bi eledumare ko da…..

  8. Who were those people that deceive you and call you stupid Prince Jide,if you people don’t know what to say you better go off line idiot,Omo Ale jatijati…you see some people that is doing good thing you beef them Ode!…Happy Married life jare

  9. i wonder y pple wont jst put dier mouth where it should be….cos u did not hear dat fashola gave k1 money for daughter weddn or xmtin of such……and for pple sayn K1 is a fool i fink u nid to go back to skool cos Wasiu ayinde is jst a young man like any oda guy out dere wu used d talent in him to bcom gr8.and more so hes very respective if u dnt knw dt strt knwing frmn today and dats y he was crown d king of fuji music on 3rd of july 1983 @ NTA in if u wanna critisize xmbody pls do wit fact nt dat u jst open ur stupid mouth not minding wat is cumn out frm dere.

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