Whale Found In Lekki Lagos Beach Lynched By Lagosians (Photos)

whale lekki lagos beach

March 16, 2013 –  Whale Found In Lekki Lagos Beach Lynched By Lagosians (Pictures)

While others thought it’s a shark, fishermen who saw this gigantic sea creature on a beach three days ago at Ibeju-Lekki local government area of Lagos in Magbon town said it’s a Whale.

According to eyewitnesses who took part in this early Christmas feast, the sea creature got wounded by the impact of a ship propeller.

Here is a confirmation from a resident:”It’s definitely true, it’s happened in my area before. (Bonny). It got grounded after being cut in two by a ship propeller”

Local residents who heard about the Whale rushed to the beach side to take their own portion of the fish.

They butchered the live sea animal without mercy not minding the fact that the whale is still alive at the time it landed at Lekki Beach.

Unfortunately for the poor Whale, the area residents quickly rushed the free-for-all meat.

See more photos of the Whale below

26 thoughts on “Whale Found In Lekki Lagos Beach Lynched By Lagosians (Photos)

  1. ‎​Ђȍw I wish I could be there hmmmmmmm I for cut the head come house and make sure the whale didn’t go back again

  2. Sorry whale! Op u dint anger your creator.see men bathing in ur blood. Nevertheless u did well by giving meat to d hungry. U will b remembered for dis. Rip *wink*

  3. This is pure animal cruelty, bounch of morons. White people will rather work hard to safe the whale’s life.

  4. Uselez bastards,grow up lagosians dis knw be joke,dats y we r underdevelop and tatterd bcos we can’t preserve wat we see

  5. They say Naija no dey carry last, but na we carry last pass. What is wrong with saving it, so the State can keep it in a place where kids can go and see it. Nonesense!

  6. This is has shown the level of poverty in this country nigeria,it is as a result of people being hungry that made them killed the helpless whale which they could ve help it to survive.indeed it is manner fall from heaven enjoy but make sure u knw what u re eating

  7. Dis whale don see ween,Chi-Chi,which amusement, God give u food u wan keep am de amuse yourself.u neva see chop finish.

  8. U want dem 2 preserve when they ar hungry, u 4 give dem food na. Dat whale miss road make him brothers cum, make dey take dem do food

  9. it’s heartless of does who kill the unharmful creature.nigeria just had an opportunity to keep this creature in any zoo in nigeria so as to attract foreign people but lagosians just denied the opportunity.shame on the killers.

  10. Nigeria just had an opportunity to keep this creature in any zoo in nigeria so as to attract foreign people but lagosians just denied the opportunity.shame on the killers.

  11. A white man will send this whale back to water Ʊ are also an illiterate not to av listened to d news d whale was weak dead n Ʊ all forgot d wreck a whale can cause in d sea even it is dangerous to man.so why r Ʊ eating fishes does it mean that the smal fishes av no life .everything is naija naija a white man is no God

  12. All these ones forming white white, have you ever been there? Are you like them? Ohhhh! Tell me you won’t do worse if were there?

  13. Hw many time una don visit zoo b4 u say make dem kip d fish 4 zoo 4 pipo 2 c wat?una neva save una own life na fish u won save.abegi, dem c free bonaza 4rm sea u dey complain talk true if dem cuk am giv u chop sha u no go eat am.God bless Nigeria

  14. Why are Nigerians barbaric? FFS that’s an animal!!! You don’t just go about eating animals without buying them!!! These muppets were supposed to take that creature to a zoo or an aquarium. But noooo, they preferred eating it without knowing the medical situation of the animal. That whale might be sick and they ate a sick whale. God!!! This is so gross and barbaric…

  15. Its being sick, barbaric and whatever you all wish to term it, na una yawa! The Whale has served purpose in people’s hungry stomach!

  16. Fishes are in the river and sea to be eaten, God put them there for the purpose of feeding man. so why are some Nigerians talking as if it is wrong to eat or kill the fish. very funny

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