Whale Found In Lekki Lagos Beach Lynched By Lagosians (Photos)


whale lekki lagos beach

March 16, 2013 –  Whale Found In Lekki Lagos Beach Lynched By Lagosians (Pictures)

While others thought it’s a shark, fishermen who saw this gigantic sea creature on a beach three days ago at Ibeju-Lekki local government area of Lagos in Magbon town said it’s a Whale.

According to eyewitnesses who took part in this early Christmas feast, the sea creature got wounded by the impact of a ship propeller.

Here is a confirmation from a resident:”It’s definitely true, it’s happened in my area before. (Bonny). It got grounded after being cut in two by a ship propeller”

Local residents who heard about the Whale rushed to the beach side to take their own portion of the fish.

They butchered the live sea animal without mercy not minding the fact that the whale is still alive at the time it landed at Lekki Beach.

Unfortunately for the poor Whale, the area residents quickly rushed the free-for-all meat.

See more photos of the Whale below