Ruggedman Blasts Channels TV Over My Oga At The Top “Enough Of Laughter, Let’s Get Serious”

ruggedman channels tv my oga at the top

March 16, 2013 – Ruggedman Blasts Channels TV Over My Oga At The Top “Enough Of Laughter, Let’s Get Serious”

Rapper Michael Stephens popularly called Ruggedman seems to have had enough of the viral My Oga At the Top comedy that started during Channels TV live interview with Nigerian Civil Defence Corps Lagos state Commandant, Obafaiye Shem.

Ruggedman vexed his anger on Twitter few hours ago…. He said it’s time to get serious and drop the  ‘My Oga’ thing behind

See his tweets below

The @ Channels_TV were highly unprofessional n made it too obvious dey were out to ridicule d man.#Notcool
Oga at d top is trending bt no ond has condemned d distasteful way d crew ridiculed a guest on a live TV show.
The unruly way ur presenters handled the situation goes against modern journalism.
As an artiste to you, I am highly disappointed at those presenters
A lot of including myself have all had fun laughng at “oga at d top”but now let’s get serious

I don tweet my mind n i go still tweet more its either u luv me or u hate me in peace or war. E dnt change nuffin lol God bless.

More of his tweets below


But wait a minute, is Obafaiye Shem complaining? At least this gave him more popularity… He is now a star take it or leave it.

21 thoughts on “Ruggedman Blasts Channels TV Over My Oga At The Top “Enough Of Laughter, Let’s Get Serious”

  1. Ruggedman,sometimes its ok to be unprofessional these are the same oga that will turn graduate out from job maywhile the are duller how can a boss not knw the simplest answer to his office that is to say he has not read in over 5years either the newpaper or even listen to news and yet he sign memorandum what are will talking he should be given a matching other (sacked or demoted) his lucky to be in nigeria where thE fact are seen as lies to those OGA at the Top.imagine the sort of cadet they must have recruited now I knw why more ladies are in NCDC all over the federation not by merit. Watch ouR senators and NASS most of them don’t even know how to recite
    Our national anthem. Pls ruggedman there is nothing disgrace full here rather it will be a challenge to the oga”s @ d top to research and cultivate the habit of reading

  2. Abegi joor unrugged Man, let’s cas fun till d end so dat it will b a lesson to those who don’t know their jobs. ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ dey talk about unprofessionalism mayb dats y D’banj n tuface n P square dey hot pass ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ wey supose b dem papa or supose dey for their class. Pls bone

  3. Ruggedman go and sleep,what do u knw abt moden day junalism,those moden they junalism say they should not interview poeple,or report the mess of government officials who are misbehaving, or hav u not sometime use ur own midium as a performing artist to condem the wrong in our society,ruggedy abeg use ur head!

  4. According to the interview dat took place at d Tv continental,with the nigeria civil defence, i must say d presenter are doing there works and are not to be blamed. It’s a funny and sad interview/event, for a whole commandant not been able to give out there website and refering to d president as my oga at d top. His grammas are too poor and corosive, dat means he did not worth d office. I want to say most of our leaders should b screen publicly.

  5. To All those laughing nonstop: one day u wud b embarrased whr u least expected and pple will make fun of your misery nonstop.

  6. I don’t think channels TV have to b blamed over these view, it was a live interview which every nigerian where watch and anxiously waiting to contribute to the program.
    I feel sorry for the Man, He was given the opportunity to correct himself but he was not thinking and listening to himself talking.
    I also think this is a way of telling us to do more of listening and less talking in public places.
    Don’t put the blame on the TV station. They tried helping him.

  7. Sorry, see I also made grammatical mistake or error, it is “which every nigeria were watching” and, not “WHERE and WATCH” as I earlier stated, so, no body is above this grammatical blunders but we should all learn to correct our mistake very quickly

  8. All of una wey dey cause ruggedman and mr shem,una papa nova fit speak half of wetin dey man speak nt 2 come talk of say make e no webside,una papa wey nova fit operate nokia fone finish na him wan come no website,try and undastad sumtin person no dey no finish,even channels staff also dey make mistake so y disgracing d man like dey re perfect,dis na wetin no fit happen 4 wazobia,shame 2 channels tv


  10. Y’all mad. Viz z nof funny. Xo wof z special abouhrit. Ruggedman.#tru talk.
    Let d foolz kip chewing on rubish. Mtchewwww

  11. @Lawal u futurelez goat. Imagine u u jez ursev commented u **taught**. Who were u teachn. Idiot??. Wuz vat d ryt word 2 use. B*tch.
    @all —–y’all mad. Ave tried lafin unto viz so-called *ma oga at d top*. I cudnt cuz twaznt funny. Nof even in d ist plaz. No normal persn will laf 2 viz. @Ruggedman luv u man. Tru talk

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