What Caused Funke Akindele & Eniola Badmus’ Bitter Fight? Find Out Here

funke akindele eniola badmus still fighting

September 8, 2016 – Funke Akindele & Eniola Badmus Still Fighting: Nollywood One Time Best Friends Now Sworn Enemies

The ongoing rivalry war between comic actress Eniola Badmus and Jenifa diary star, Funke Akindele has come open after the two refused to exchange birthday greetings like they normally do.

When Funke Akindele celebrated her birthday few days ago, we learnt Gbogbo Big Girlz ignored her.

Yesterday Wednesday September 7, 2016 was Miss Badmus’ birthday but Funke Akindele surprisingly shunned her.

Sources in the know claimed that the feud started when Eniola reportedly gossiped about Funke’s marriage crash, a development that didn’t go well with the Jenifa Diary’s star who now sees Eniola as her enemy.

Whatever the case is, hope the two can reconcile their differences and come back together.

9 thoughts on “What Caused Funke Akindele & Eniola Badmus’ Bitter Fight? Find Out Here

  1. Eniola Badmus can never deny the role Funke Akindele’s movies, Jenifa and Omo Ghetto contributed in shotting her into the limelight.

  2. Ehen… See? My instinct told me it could be something that has to do with marriage, or a Man.

    But if the story is true, then why for crying out loud would Eniola of all people be the first to break the news of her friend‘s misfortune?

    As if to say: she‘s happy it happened the way it did. A good friend is a silent Angel that lifts us up when our wings is having problem remembering how to fly.

    I take a stroll…

  3. Eniola: my friend they suffer oo chai from one marriage to the other make i help am loud am weder she go see solution.. loool

    i guess this is what went through the mind of eniola when she started that apkroko thing women love doing but unfortunately for her it back fired… both of are professioners in what they do i believe they will surely reconcile it just a matter of who will play that maturity role because women can form chai!!!!!

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