Death Toll Of Fulani & Hausa War @9 ,Witnesses Revealed What Led To The Bloody Clash

death toll fulani hausa clash

Sept 8, 2016 – The Death Toll Of Fulani & Hausa Clash Now At ,  Revealed What Led To The Bloody Clash

Not less than 9 people died on Wednesday during a bloody clash between scrap dealers and cattle sellers at Oko-Oba Abattoir area of Lagos State. It was learnt that the scrap dealers, mostly Hausa, accused the ‘Seriki Fulani’ (the head of Fulani) of supporting the officials of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) to demolish their shanties where they transact business, which falls within the territory of the corporation.

The confrontation between the two sides started on Tuesday night but snowballed into a major conflagration yesterday. It was learnt that the hoodlums, numbering about 50, armed with axes, machetes, clubs and other dangerous weapons, stormed the market about 2a.m. yesterday and attacked the traders who had already slept in their various shops.

They also looted the market, stole money and other valuables. The spokesperson for the Miyeti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, Lagos chapter, Mr. Salisu Jikantoro, said it was not the Seriki Fulani who ordered the demolition of the scrap dealers’ shanties. He said: “The Seriki is not responsible for the demolition of their shanties.

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  1. These people keep disturbing peace of the masses. For as long as I care, u can keep wasting your lives, since life has no meaning to you. With this new development there won’t be boko haram and Fulani herdsmen.

  2. the death is still small, I expect more Fulani and Hausa’s to die, when i mean moreeeee, and also want to figth to extend to other Northern sates. GOD punish Devils

  3. Hehehehe… prayers do work !
    All this back to senders my people screams everyday when praying is now working.

    So una don begin fight unaself?
    A beg make una carry am go for una side.

  4. If two Wolves are fighting themselves, a Sheep can never be an umpire between them.
    Let the killing continues just like I always continue my strolling… Untill maybe that atangonistic commentator who called herself Amanda, come and seperate you foolz.
    Hahahaha PIR to the dead.

    I take a stroll…

  5. this two set of people have killed alot of Westerners and Easterners i don’t think there is any evil in killing themselves #THAT’S_ALL


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