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nigerian woman begging toronto canada

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Caribbean Woman Slams White Man Caught Insulting Nigerian Woman Begging In Toronto

white man insult nigerian woman begging toronto streets

Caribbean Woman Slams White Man Caught Insulting Nigerian Woman Begging On Toronto Streets, Ontario, Canada

Article By AfroCarib

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing good. I want to say first of all that I am Caribbean and I am deeply saddened for the Nigerian woman in question because it clearly shows that the white man hates black people and most especially Africans. I also want to clarify to everyone that the man is not Caribbean but is a white man, Caucasian who immigrated here in Canada in recent times from America.

I cannot understand why anyone would assume that he is Caribbean just because they cannot understand his accent which isn’t right because that leads to animosity towards a group of people that have nothing to do with the whole thing to begin with. People need to be careful with accusations like that.

Just to let you all know I have spoken to manyCaribbean people about this woman in question being disgraced by this white man and we the Caribbean people are outraged about what that white man did to this Nigerian lady. We are very angry about it because she did not deserve that disgrace whether she is Nigerian, Cameroonian, Senegalese, Trinidadian, Barbadian ,Jamaican or simply a black Canadian.

At the end of the day we are all descendants of Africa and many of our Caribbean ancestry came from Nigeria (Calabar, Yoruba, Igbo) and that upsets us all the more to see that this Nigerian woman went through this disgrace. She is our sister, it could have happened to anyone of us.

Racism is something that black people face a lot living abroad so in no way should we be in support of racism done against one of our own. Secondly we the Caribbean people are very upset about the fact that some Nigerians say it was good for her that the white man disgraced her along with other nasty comments against her . Such a Shame!!.

Remember he didn’t disgrace her because she was in need and was begging. He disgraced her for being black. I advise all of you who are disgracing your own fellow Nigerian/ black to go back and listen to the video again because at the very beginning he said this black b****. and at the beginning of the video when he’s fidgeting with his phone you can see a bit of his arm and also clearly see that he is a white man. Also you can clearly hear his accent is that of a village American. Like those who live in trailers and in trailer parks in America.

He himself is very lucky to be in Canada yet he’s talking trash. also is it normal to you guys that a Caribbean person who is also black would call this woman a black b****? It’s no wonder why other races think that all black people are crazy because we give them that impression by the way we treat our own. (SMH)

It is so disgraceful to see our own black people especially the Nigerians helping this man who clearly hates you and your people further disgrace your own. (SMH) Big shame! Disgrace!

Even though the woman was begging she is still a human being and demonstrated a humbleness that another person might not have had while being insulted.

The woman said that she went to University and that she has a 14 year old son yet still she’s being judged so harshly by her fellow Nigerians instead of understanding that she is in need of help and that is very disappointing and disgusting. Did she kill somebody, steal or commit a crime or is she simply just reaching out for help? How about putting aside the Nigerian pride for a moment and ask what can I do to find this woman and help her out in whatever capacity I can.

Many of us will call ourselves Christians and then be all too quick to bash someone who’s having problems as if we don’t have problems ourselves from time to time. Jesus says those of you who have never sinned cast the first stone. Who are we to judge this woman?.

I am disappointed to see how many Nigerians are in agreement with a racist white man tearing down a Nigerian. This goes to show why black people have so much work to do to be united. It is things like this kind of behavior and reaction that makes white people know all the more that black people are stupid and can never get it together.

What a big shame on our people. Bashing one of our own. That is where the disgrace really truly lies and not in this Nigerian woman being a Nigerian begging. After all if she didn’t reach out to try and collect funds but died of starvation (as an example) many of you would have said why didn’t she talk up, why didn’t she ask for help?

Please stop bashing the woman and let’s all be united to try and help our black brothers and sisters to progress in life instead of tearing them down and passing the videos all over the Internet to bash them the more because that in itself is a disgrace. That is not normal behavior at all but stupidity.

On a last note I want to just let you all know for those of you who do not live in Canada. I don’t know who told you that Canada has trees where we pluck money from. It is not easy to live in Canada because there’s racism, there are constantly bills coming left, right and center. Constantly things to pay and it is harder to save money in this country.

Whatever the government gives you for your children on a monthly basis is never enough. You have to work a lot just to make ends meet and most people in Canada are living from paycheck to paycheck.

Some have to work three jobs to make ends meet. Shocking truth but they won’t tell you that when you ask for away baffs because it’s nobody’s business and also for some people it is due to shame of admitting that it is not easier to live in Canada, USA and the UK as people think.

You get nothing for free here, no handouts and you get taxed very hard. As an example let’s say you got paid 1300 every two weeks but then they take 400 out for taxes., $50 out for dental and medical family insurance and $40 for pension then you’re left with $810 but you still have bills to pay such as your electric bill especially for heating in the winter, cell phone bill, water tax, gas or bus pass, moto insurance, internet bill, food and toiletries, children school fees, if you live in America medical bills then at the end of paying all these things whether you are in the UK, Canada or in America you’re left with zilch most times and that is why most people are living from paycheck to paycheck in Canada, America and the UK and that is why a lot of people work two or three jobs abroad and that is also why a lot of times when we’re asked for things to be sent back home it is hard for us but people back home are quick to judge us and to be angry because we couldn’t send certain things at the time that they wanted.

When you don’t understand life abroad it is too quick to judge those suffering over here. Time to be educated.



  1. iron bar

    February 8, 2019 at 6:27 PM

    The writer nailed it..what ever the predicaments the lady faced shouldnt be have filmed with that full blooded racist.
    woman was a university graduate who lost her job according to her answers,pan handlers is seen all over the world.All we do is to adore them,even ashamed seeing a mopol holding an umbrella to a haggered looking kora expatriate in construction business in ikoyi,.we should totally condemn this nonsense whenever or wherever it happens.

  2. Rosy

    February 8, 2019 at 8:23 PM

    Every country have its own problem, whites should stop criticing Africans

  3. Kunle Ilahor

    February 8, 2019 at 8:54 PM

    God bless you at the writer. You said my mind and the mind of every African in Canada.
    Life is tougher in Canada than anywhere else.

  4. Fifelomo

    February 8, 2019 at 11:43 PM

    To the writer, more knowledge and wisdom for you.

  5. Mon

    February 9, 2019 at 9:43 AM

    The World is full of hypocrites, especially we Africans and that’s why it’s difficult to allow anyone control your life, but only God, that particular man was thinking he’s humiliating the woman, not knowing it will change the life of that woman for good, her helper must locate her.

    People complain of begging, why all the so called celebrities, pastors and even politicians are cooperate beggars, with one fake NGO to another.

  6. Mary Eigbogba

    February 12, 2019 at 4:37 PM

    The man is an idiot,the world is a global place,white people are all over africa

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