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White People Are Coming To Nigeria In Droves To Learn Yoruba Language – Taiwo Ibikunle Urges Fans To Embrace Culture

taiwo ibikunle tv presenter africa magic

A Lot Of White People Are Coming To Nigeria To Learn How To Speak Yoruba Language – Actor Taiwo Ibikunle Urges Fans To Embrace Culture

Popular Nollywood actor Taiwo Ibikunle who now has a new job as a presenter with African Magic Yoruba has revealed why he took on the job.

In a chat with Gbolahan Adetayo during a wedding ceremony in Ibadan, Taiwo Ibikunle said he took up the job of a presenter of Oyato (a cultural Yoruba program) on Africa magic  because of his love for culture.

He urged Nigerians to ensure they teach their children their language.

Here are his words;

“We discovered that if we are not careful, our mother’s tongue will go into extinction. It is so sad that our children now, knew nothing about tradition or culture. We discovered that foreign infringement is actually sweeping our own culture away. Fine, we wouldn’t say it is a bad thing for us to embrace foreign culture but we must not lose what is ours.

Now, we have a lot of white people coming to Nigeria to learn how to speak Yoruba language and if we are not careful, the white will be so much perfect about it and they will one day be teaching our children how to speak our own language. This particular programme is to actually propagate and really show our people about our tradition and culture. We have about four segments and the first one is where we showcase new talent and everything will be done in Yoruba language. There is a particular one called Egbayiyewo , it is quite different from what we usually see.

There is another one named Efe Lawa where we bring in comedians in our own mother’s tongue to entertain audience. There are lots of stand-up comedians who find it difficult to crack their jokes in Yoruba language. These are the things we are talking about. We do go out to cover Yoruba Cultural Festival.

Going back, we wouldn’t want Yoruba culture to go into extinction, we wouldn’t want our language to be taught by the white where they will tell us this is past participle of our language. It is so sad that if you go to our various schools in Yoruba land, you will find out that all courses are being taught in English language.

If you are not careful they will still teach them Yoruba language in English language, and the culture of storytelling is dead lately. It is always about story story , story, once upon a time blah blah. When you say Alo ooo to our children, they will be looking at you like what is he saying?.

Of recent, I told my friend’s daughter “Se Oji Dada” she was asking her dad what is he saying, we have to interpret it to her. Let’s find our ways to also teach our children our language the same way we are spending on them to understand English language.

I am a fan of Yoruba culture and I will always propagate it. Please, speak Yoruba language to your children at home, let them go to school to learn the English language you are paying for”.



  1. Kunle Ilahor

    January 15, 2019 at 7:12 AM

    The whites appreciate our culture more than ourselves while we love their cultlure. So It is a 2 way thing

  2. Rosy

    January 15, 2019 at 11:47 AM

    Nigerians love their culture, we are after white style of living, and they are after ours. what a world!

  3. Gertrude

    January 15, 2019 at 4:23 PM

    Nigeria culture is awesome among every ethic groups lets embrace it ma people

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