Why Do Nigerian Movie Producers Play Loud Music?

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June 22, 2013 – Why Do Nigerian Film Producers Play Loud Music?

Please I have a serious question that continues to bother me about Nigerian movies.

Can someone please tell me or help me ask Nollywood Producers, why they always have to play music (and sometimes so loud) during their films?

This is one of the most stupid thing they keep doing and it appears no one is correcting them. How many of the Western movies do they see with this mediocre production style?

Please can someone tell me why this has gone on for so long and when will it change?

Question by Chamberlain Lewis

11 thoughts on “Why Do Nigerian Movie Producers Play Loud Music?

  1. Finaly i have people that have same problem with me, i no they get intrest 4 all this 9ja movie,i prefer western movies.

  2. The play music on top of what the are saying and we dont hear what they are saying!!i think they are stupid

  3. Am so happy people are beginning to talk now. U kno somtimes d music woll b so loud that u might not even hear what they saying in d film. Please let anyone who has d connection to get to these people do so. Its not compulsory they play any music before we understand d movie

  4. Loud backgrond music is a major flaw of most Nigerian movies. I have complained loudly online about it, but I don’t seem to see any improvement.

    I wonder if the audio engineers ever review their work, so they can do a better job next time. The Internet is full of resources on how to edit movies properly. Why don’t they use them?

    Also, Nollywood can sponsor some talented tech people to learn movie editing in foreign schools. Then once those people graduate, they can then train other Nigerians.

    Most of the movies have very good storylines. But the senseless loud background music just take over and ruin the movies, to the point that the dialogs are drowned out most of the time. This is oughful.

    Furthermore, some of the music are so irritating to the ears, when in fact, the web is full of royalty-free soundtracks.

    Nollywood this is the year 2013, fix this major issue please.

  5. O-m-g!i thuoght im the only 1 with th experince.the worst is some times they use boring musics and wil hv to sing it repeatedly till the end off the film nd some of these musics will explaine what the movie is all abt before u start watching it so whats the point of watching.again some of the music re nt even meaningful

  6. ll are f******…what z wrong with d music??..as for the animal dat asked dis question,….have u not watched a western movie dat dey played loud music on it?…u and ur cohorts have low ***********..pheeew!

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