Why Genevieve Nnaji’s First Movie Was Not Nominated By AMAA 2016 Organisers

genevieve nnaji movie amaa nomination

May 22, 2016 – Why Genevieve Nnaji’s First Movie Didn’t Get AMAA 2016 Nomination

Africa Movie Academy Awards organisers came under fire recently for refusing to nominate Genevieve Nnaji’s hit movie ‘Road To Yesterday’, a flick warmly received by critics.

A representative of AMAA said Genevieve Nnaji was contacted to release the details of her movie but her lack of response prompted them to consider another movie.

“We contacted the movie star several times for almost three weeks, all to no avail, “All we wanted was for her team to send in details about the movie, the video link, the DVD preview copy of the movie Road To Yesterday and a few other details but they never responded. They eventually did after the nominees list came out.” – said the rep. from AMAA

7 thoughts on “Why Genevieve Nnaji’s First Movie Was Not Nominated By AMAA 2016 Organisers

  1. Whaaat? What an efforts without a crown? The AMAA is not being fair to our darling Genny. The issue must be investigated. Maybe they were bought over by some Genny‘s detractors.
    Anything is possible in Africa.

    I take a stroll…

  2. A reasonable and concrete reason for not considering Gevevieve Nnaji movie for the AMAA 2016 award nomination by the award organizer. If an American award organization or body requested for what AMAA asked from Ms. Nnaji, she would have responded with a great speed. We must learn to respect people in all professions. I hope that she has learned from her mistake?

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