South African Lady Who Slept With Father Turned Sugar Daddy Commits Suicide

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Sunday May 22, 2016 – South African Lady Who Slept With Father Turned Sugar Daddy Commits Suicide

A young girl took her own life in South African this past Friday.

The 23-year-old girl simply identified as Jane Mkhwanazi was made to believe that she lost her father when she was a baby not knowing that her mother, Sthabile Mkhwanazi framed up the story to stop her from asking about him when he abandoned her.

To cut the long story short, the lady got to meet a wealthy man on Friday at a local club in Mpumalanga area of South Africa.

The man ended up taking his daughter home for an overnight sex rump and the following morning while he was escorting her, he bumped into his ex-wife.

Jane’s mother quickly identified her runaway husband and told the girl the man she was walking with is her father.

The girl was completely inconsolable after learning that she had just committed incest with her own father.

She reportedly failed to stomach the disturbing news and was so devastated she decided to take her own life.

12 thoughts on “South African Lady Who Slept With Father Turned Sugar Daddy Commits Suicide

  1. One thing with lies is that, though we intend them to cover some embarrassments, they beget another evil, and another evil, and yet another evil. Even when the woman chose to lie about her daughter’s father, did she not bother to show her the man’s picture just for the sake of knowing what he looked like? Or was she so bitter with the man that she wanted her memory to be flushed of everything about him? Too bad her choice came to this.

  2. Too bad. Why would she terminate her life? Father and mother wonder what’s is left for you in this world.

  3. well my dear i agree with you life is ful of things happening,one sin leads to another.admit that you have sin then ask for forgiveness from god and he will grant,his a mercyful father.i advice all brokening marriage should pls come back together because this as serve as a lesson for them all. MAY HER GENTLE SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE

  4. OMG!..her mother is a very wicked woman, this loss would have been avoided if she had told her daugther who her father his

  5. A lie is a coward‘s way of getting out of trouble. I believe the woman lied thinking she could save herself from being disturbed by the constant questions from her daughter not knowing that a bigger mess was brewing.

    Its so sad, what a wasted beauty! Who should have been someone‘s future wife.

    I blame the girl in question, why did she had to gallivant about the club.
    Apart from that, she only met a man for the first time in her entire life and agreed to go with him for a whole night bcos he is rich. What if he was a ritualist?

    Killing herself was the most stupid thing to do, ever!


  6. Lies can never yield any good. What is there to tell her daughter the truth? Even when she’s all grown up, she should have told her the common truth.

    And as for girls who drive pleasure in going out with men old enough to be their father/grandfather and even a married man just because of money, I hope this story teaches you something. If she only goes out with her mate or 10/12yrs older men, this wouldn’t have happen. RIP

  7. African parents are fond of keeping secret from their children may because they are too young to being exposed to that sensitive secret or it may cause damage to their lives. However, they tend to forget that the disadvantages sometimes outweigh the advantages since some parents might have died and left the children to figure outthemselves. Someparents have lost millions of naira worth of properties to a stranger just because they don’t want their children to know. Just because you don’t want to be with that man should not dismay you from telling your daughter the truth. There is possibility that the girl might have known through a brief interrogation that,that man was indeed her father if her mother could have told her she had a father. Pardon my typo.

  8. see what lie have caused and u should just tell Ur daughter who are father is now, killing herself is not d solution na but all d same r.i.p.

  9. What are you looking for in the club dat make you to met with an old man, is he a young man like you, so what will you tell your heavenly father, too bad.

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