Why Is My Husband Mean To Me & Nice To Everyone Else – Overworked Wife Asks

my husband is mean to me

Oct 23, 2016 – My Husband Is Mean To Me & Nice To Everyone Else – Overworked Wife Cries Out

I am a working mother of 4, married to an upwardly mobile professional in the science and technology sector. I have been battling with an issue in my home for so long and I have tried all means I can to resolve it.

Nothing seems to work. I dated hubby for five years and we have been married seven years. Hubby is nice and kind to everyone except me! The issue is he complains about everything I do and nothing seems to ever be right. He scolds me most times for any little issue and I have talked to him about this, so much I am beginning to sound like a broken record.

We both have long commutes from work, but I struggle to get back home early to attend to the children. I have a nanny who comes in during the week. He says he doesn’t want a live-in help who will live with us. Aside the constant scolding is his inability and unwillingness to help with anything.

I am running from pillar to post trying to catch up with cooking for the week, housework and the kids while hubby throws up his feet reading the dailies or watching football. This has led to me resenting him and inevitably refusing sex. I am at my wits’ end as I live a tired and constantly unhappy life while my partner doesn’t seem to understand why. I really don’t know what to do.

Adunni from Ikoyi