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Why Peace Loving Ndigbo Must Denounce Nnamdi Kanu & Biafra Agitators

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Nov 29, 2015 – Why Peace Loving Ndigbo Must Denounce Nnamdi Kanu & Biafra Agitators

Reasons why it is very pertinent for more well meaning Ndigbo- to come out in denouncing- Nnamdi Kanu.

I will passionately encourage all other well meaning Ndigbo, to come out and, denounce the current nefarious clamour of war and secession by Nnamdi Kanu, just as the Ohanaeze Ndigbo organisation, did some days ago.

Martin Luther King Jr…once said and I quote; “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.-he also went further to say “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right”.

He also stated that; “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamour of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people”-Martin Luther King Jr.

Nigeria as a nation, has in the past, and up till now encouraged and fully integrated the good people from the South eastern part of Nigeria (Ndigbos) in all strata of the Nigerian society, examples of this integration abound in various facets of the Nigerian society.

Let us start with Major General Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi; who was a senior Nigerian military officer. He seized power in 1966, and herald the first military coup in Nigeria.

Dr. Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme, became the first elected vice-president of Nigeria, he was in office from 1979 to 1983.

Okonjo-Iweala, was finance minister under Goodluck Jonathan from 2011 to 5th June 2015.

Diezani K. Alison-Madueke was Nigeria’s minister of transportation on the 26th July 2007. She was moved to Mines and Steel Development in 2008, and in April 2010 was appointed Minister of Petroleum Resources.
Ike Ekweremadu, has served in the Senate of Nigeria since May 2003, and is currently Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate for the third consecutive time.

Not to mention the last president; Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan…whom some might argue is from the South south.

Now the point I’m trying to make here is this; Nigeria as a nation has fully integrated the hard working Igbo people into the Nigerian society-hence their visible presence in all nooks and crannies of the Nigerian society.

There is no state in Nigeria, where you will not find the hard working Igbo people trading and coexisting side by side with other Nigerians. It must however be mentioned here that the problems facing the aggrieved Igbo youth is not peculiar to them alone, this rather “common enemy” is also prevalent in all other states of the Nigerian federation, and it is simply due to bad governance since the time of independence, 1960.

Nigerians must henceforth hold our leaders accountable for improper governance and misappropriation of our common wealth and natural resources; this will foster transparency, accountability of public officers, employment, good road and constant supply of electric power.

My personal opinion is that more Igbo elders need to publicly come forward to denounce the current nefarious agitations of Nnamdi Kanu, and the aggrieved Igbo youths. There should be more public enlightenment programme aimed at informing and educating the Igbo youth about the ills of war.

I will also encourage state governors from the south-eastern states, to engage more with their youths in regards facilitating youth enlightenment programmes and technical apprenticeship schemes; which are tailored towards the creation of job opportunities.

These programmes if well implemented will foster a sense of belonging amongst the Igbo youths in their immediate community and, nation at large.

A lot more thus, needs to be done in regards changing the mindset of the average Igbo youth; to start seeing themselves as stakeholders in the Nigerian project, rather than seeing themselves as victims of Biafra.

[Article by CΦnscieΩce-1]



  1. FUBU

    November 29, 2015 at 6:34 AM

    I wish this words can be public on punch and many daily news…. igbo people needs proper enlightenment about war that so call Nnamdi is trying to create… i am happy is cooling off in jail now and i think by the time he will be set free he wound have learnt his lesson

    • Aka anaezigwe

      November 29, 2015 at 4:59 PM

      You are a ****.

    • RAPO

      November 30, 2015 at 7:21 AM


  2. Big Daddy

    November 29, 2015 at 8:39 AM

    @ Fubu you are right, that a good point i just want him to cool himself in the prison for 3-4years so he can have sense, and those vagabound who are making noise can keep quiet

  3. Emeka

    November 29, 2015 at 9:40 AM

    CΦnscieΩce, you’ve said it all. Igbo brothers and sisters let’s stand up and do the right thing, war is like a pregnant woman. If this war start, it might not end during our life time. Let’s do something before it’s too late.


    November 29, 2015 at 9:45 AM

    Good talk though but our brothers from the East have an insatiable anger to always lead (more often just for ego purposes) and so find themselves always plotting to upstage every other tribes around them just for the purpose of massaging an unproductive ego. They oftentimes try to lord their overambitious nature on everyone without giving space for fairness. This singular nature of the Igbos is why they are vilified and persecuted everywhere they find themselves thus are rarely welcome guests beyond their co-business friends. The Igbo nation needs to recaliberate their orientations of “Igbo must lead” mentality otherwise, they may never find cooperations and trust of other Nigerians with whom they share the territory called NIGERIA.

  5. ocpeace

    November 29, 2015 at 2:00 PM

    Thank you conscience-1 and FuBu for your insight. Biafra is a wish without a vision. until we root the sponsors out this dirty clamor will continue. let us work for one United Nigeria….08057323826

  6. tobi

    November 29, 2015 at 2:17 PM

    U most be a **** fubu.

  7. O'Nels

    November 29, 2015 at 2:40 PM

    The major cause of this Biafra madness is the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as the president. Nnamdi Kalu started his hate broadcast as soon as Buhari was declared the winner of the past presidential election! They were not expecting this to happen at all! Buhari is the least person average igbo expected to become the president, any reasonable person will know exactly what am talking about, by their voting pattern and their hate speeches on social media. U can’t be agitating for Biafra when u participated fully in the last general election without any complain. Why the sudden change! What stops u from doing same under Jonathan’s regime. Do i hear someone talking about marginalisation? Well the Yorubas felt the same way under Jonathans administration! But they didn’t cause any unrest in the country, they simply express their grievance by voting massively for Buhari who happen to be the presidential flag bearer of APC then. To the best of my knowledge u guyz have no reason to feel cheated in any way bicus igbos occupy strategic position in Jonathan’s government yet refuse to use the opportunity to develop igbo states, instead those in position of authority were busy stealing all the monies meant for the development of their states. What happen to all the allocation given to all the eastern state? The youth claim to be wise but they are all coward and stupid! Sorry for using offensive words, these same criminals who claim to be representing u are now pushing u to go and die in the name of Biafra while all their children are skoling abroad making first class in various universities in Europe and America. To all igbo youths if truly u reason with ur brain, then come out and tell them to lead the protest. Tell Uwazurike and all those supporting u to lead the protest with their children before u now follow, A word is enough for the wise.

  8. Omokehinde

    November 29, 2015 at 7:55 PM

    First, I want to thank Conscience-1 for this informative and educative article. Honestly, I would have preferred that you use at least your surname or your real name in your article for identification purpose, but I want to believe that you are one of millions of great Ndigbo people who doesn’t believe in violence, division, tribalism, succession and hateful propaganda that Kanu Nnamdi represents. Ndigbo people have contributed greatly to social, political and economic development of our beloved nation since the independent. Millions of business minded Igbos have properties and businesses scattered all over Nigeria, and one rude, mannerless, and uncultured Londoner who called us animals living in the zoo says that the Ndigbo should abandon all that, but instead, they should carry guns and ammunition to fight their fellow Nigerians. What a demonic and destructive idea from a British citizen! Millions of Igbos people have married with wonderful children to people they truly loved outside the Igbo tribe, and they are all doing well all over the country. It is insane for one Londoner or foreign citizen to instigate us against ourselves in the name of hatred, dead Biafra, division, and tribalism. We have made progress together as Nigerians since the end of the first civil war. Thousands of opportunist and jobless Kanu’s cannot reverse those progress. You can live and exile in businesses outside Nigeria, but there is only one place that we can truly called home, and that is Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  9. Ralph

    December 4, 2015 at 12:11 AM

    Great Biafrans,
    My Hausa friend asked me: Under what conditions would you start believing that One Nigeria is working?
    Here was my response:
    1. Close down Lagos ports and Open up PH,
    Calabar, Onitsha and Warri.
    2. Cancel all direct and major connecting flights to Lagos and Abuja airports…onlylocal or minimal connecting flights will be allowed. While this is being done, open up Enugu, Owerri, Asaba, Uyo and PH to international flights…direct and major connecting flights.
    3. Ask all international and diplomatic missions to move their embassies and consulates from Lagos and Abuja to Enugu, PH and Calabar.
    4. All federal governments agencies in Lagos and Abuja shall be relocated to Enugu, PH and Calabar. CBN, NNPC,e.t.c shall and must relocate to PH, Calabar and Enugu.
    6. If these conditions can be fulfilled and implemented, we can try one Nigeria and let’s see if you Hausas and Yorubas will like it for a month.
    Meaning, Yorubas and Hausas needing to get visas shall travel to PH, Calabar or Enugu to do that. Same with flying or connecting flights, same with shipping and importing their goods, e.t.c.
    The Hausa friend replied: You can’t be serious, this is wickedness!
    I said, “Really? Don’t you think the South-East and South-South have been suffering and enduring this
    very same wickedness for over 50 yrs? Why do you think people are clamouring for Biafra?”
    He was quiet for a few seconds and said: Wow! You are right, but it never occurred to me.
    I said, “that’s the problem with One Nigeria, those who are benefiting love it and would love to maintain the status quo”.
    An adage in my place says, “The one who ate fleshy meat forgets easily; but the one who eats the bone never forgets”!

  10. teddy

    December 4, 2015 at 9:47 AM

    ..smh Buhari should declare state of emergency in Anambra enuff of this bullshit..Enugu,IMO,Abia and Ebonyi are not with the Biafra bullshit. Ohanaeze Ndi igbo are not with it

  11. teddy

    December 4, 2015 at 5:45 PM

    ..smh Buhari should declare state of emergency in Anambra state enuff of this bullshit ….even Enugu , IMO and Ebonyi are not into this Biafra bullshit. We ain’t united so let’s focus and make this nation great.

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