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Nigeria’s #ENDSARS Protests And Nnamdi Kanu’s “Revealitions”!

nnamdi kanu photos

Nigeria’s #ENDSARS Protests And Nnamdi Kanu’s “Revealitions”!

Please take a listen to Nnamdi Kanu on this YouTube video, he’s got a good point here but…

He insists that MI5 agents from Great Britain are in Nigeria as we speak, advising the Nigerian army on how to put down the #EndSARS protests, he said it is they who inspired the announcement of “Operation Crocodiles Smile”, and made so many other allegations, some of them scandalous, afterwards…

But thing is, although we know the Buhari government is so incompetent they wont do anything without seeking advise from the “West”, how did Kanu not know that Britain, America (that he likes so much) and Israel (his chosen second home) are all together in this grand conspiracy to keep Nigeria and Africa perpetually in darkness and bad governance? How does he not know that the “West” comprises these and many other nations!

Many times, I have seen him hoisting the Jewish flag along side the Biafran flag in most of his appearances, does he really think those countries have the interests of blacks, including Biafrans at heart?

In as much as I do not completely agree with Nnamdi Kanu on most of the things he says, even though I am a firm believer in One Nigeria, a nation of diverse tribes and tongues, that works for all, I believe Kanu’s allegations are worth taking serious a least, or investigating at most, if for nothing, at least because of our own antecedent as a people and the evident fact that the West have proven beyond doubt that it is in their interest to have an Africa, a Nigeria that doesn’t work. And these Western interests have active collaborators here!

Consider the system of dichotomy in the Nigerian armed forces, where junior officers with political connections, belonging to a certain tribe and religion subvert the hierarchy and authority of more senior officers who are usually professional and more competent counterparts.

Recall that this system was well utilized by the IBB regime when we had what they called the “Babangida Boys” who were untouchables, usually getting plum political appointments ahead of everyone.

A Similar thing happens in the Nigerian police force today, on a grande scale, with many specially selected policemen guarding politicians , their wives and their children and we often see them “carrying handbags” and eating left overs from the “ogas” table, they usually have cleaner uniforms and better arms. And this treatment gives them the feeling of “being among” and better than their other wretched counterparts who make do with relic arms to terrorize the citizenry. It is this tattered wretched half that will be left to carry on daily with the hope of getting selected one day to go and “guard oga”.

We know this is a well known divide and rule strategy to control, monitor and get loyalty from less competent and insecure members of an organisation. The West have used it all through Africa and very well too, that is the method they used in bringing Idi Amin of Uganda to power, out of all the other stable more qualified people to lead Uganda in the seventies.

Tell me, if the Nigerian police feel they have bad welfare package, according to Seun Kuti, why can’t they protest? Are they not adults? Is there a law that says they can’t register thier grievances peacefully?

In Argentina police protested, all over world, police protests, are we supposed to be the ones asking for better welfare for them?

I hope a better Nigeria will come out of this protests, I also hope General Buhari listens to reason and reign in his army, I urge the West to stand on the people’s side, I urge every Nigerian youths, where they may be in the world, to open theirs heart to information, this country is ours, we must take it back!


©|Albert Afeso Akanbi|18.10.2020|11:20am|Abuja|Nigeria|

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HD Film Academy, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.
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