Sugar Mummy’s Boyfriend Beaten To Coma By Sons In Victoria Island Lagos


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Feb 11, 2015 – Widow’s Sons Beat Mother’s, Sugar Mummy’s Boyfriend To Coma In Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria

Angry Sons Beat Mother’s Boyfriend For Exposing Intimate Bedroom Secrets To Male Friend

A lover boy dating a woman same age as his mother has been rushed to the hospital in critical condition after the sons of the older woman, a widow beat him to a coma.

The sugar mummy identified as Adebola Sikirat is currently not in good terms with her grown sons who injured the young man she’s dating.

Mrs Adebola Sikirat who lost her hubby several years ago was said to be dating the age mate of her first son, Joseph.

The lover boy from Enugu simply identified as Maurice was in the habit of visiting his sugar mummy late at night at her home located on Adeola Odeku street in Victoria Island.

Maurice often passes the night there without the knowledge of Sikirat’s children.

But the bubble burst when one of Joseph’s friends who is also close to Maurice, confided in Joseph that Maurice is dating his mother and has been regaling them with how Mrs Adebola pants when he mounts her.

Sikirat’s first son was said to have become angry with the revelation. He then ganged up with his younger brother Mark. The two lay ambush for the lover boy the same night they got to know he’s ‘smushing‘ their mother.

True to the reports they got, Maurice came late in the night with the intention of passing the night there as usual, not knowing that his cover had been blown. After waiting for a while, the brothers went back to the house and met Maurice naked in their mother’s bed. The angry sons descended on him, giving him the beating of his life.

Maurice’s life was spared by the timely intervention of concerned neighbours who pleaded for his release but sadly he was beaten beyond repair.

His sugar mummy was said to have rushed him to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Sikiratu told neighbours she will disown Joseph and Mark that they were involved in the death of their father.