My Wife Allowed My Daughter To Travel To Libya Without My Permission- Father Of Edo Returnee

wife allow daughter travel libya husband permission

January  9, 2018 – I Almost Divorced My Wife For Allowing My Daughter To Travel To Libya – Father Of Repatriated Edo Indigene

A father to one of the 846 Nigerians rescued from Libya and brought back recently, Mr Enabululele Kehinde has narrated how his visit to native doctors contributed to the safe return of his first daughter, Eki Enabulube.

In an exclusive interview with NAN today in Benin city Edo state, Mr Enabulele narrated how he almost divorced his wife for allowing his daughter to travel to Libya without his permission.

His words:

3 thoughts on “My Wife Allowed My Daughter To Travel To Libya Without My Permission- Father Of Edo Returnee

  1. The height of disrespect. She how some useless mothers lead their children astray and into destruction? I would never trust or live with such a woman again, had I been a man. We thank God for her safe return, many did not make the journey back. Nigerians, stop chasing illusions all over the world. Be cautious and ensure the legitimacy of any organization before embarking on a dangerous journey. God save us from evil and perpetrators.

  2. I didn’t see or read any contribution made by native doctor as narrated by this man towards return of her daughter.

    People need to be very careful because majority of the victims never knew they were heading or ending in Libya, their recruiters always tell them Europe with ready job. As much as it’s not advisable to embark on this journey,but if you choose through any agent,make sure you see visa in your passport and verify it,forget this trekking and buy air ticket to board from any Nigeria airport.
    If any person tells you the journey is going to be through boundary to avoid deportation,also helping you since you don’t have enough money,forget that journey because you will definitely end up in the desert, stop buying suffering with your own money

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