Wizkid’s First Son Cries As Father Abandons Him…Baby Mama Shola Ogudu Slams Singer

wizkid abandon first son photos

The battle between the mother of singer Ayodeji Balogun first child Boluwatife is now getting deeper each passing day after the singer decided to concentrate on his career and last child he is fathering with his London-based manager.

His first baby mama Shola Ogudu has come after him again for refusing to play his fatherly role.

The single mother of one said her son, Boluwatife already knew his father is irresponsible.

wizkid abandon first son

Here is what she wrote via Insta story:

wizkid irresponsible father

This is one of the dangers of marrying a celebrity.

Responsibility is what differentiates boys from men.

Kudos to all the responsible fathers out there.

10 thoughts on “Wizkid’s First Son Cries As Father Abandons Him…Baby Mama Shola Ogudu Slams Singer

  1. whenever they move around for concert,they scatter ladies that flaunt and flash themselves.they take off when dividends (kids)of democracy start coming out .marry one woman and leave wahala alone.they wont hear

  2. common now, you can see this child is struggling with her mom …so this is all show off on the social media. there’s no reality here.
    this child deserves to look and live better than this… by the way any DNA proving.? cause these guys go around a lot and forgot where they leaves their sperm…

  3. I hope you are talking to yourself also, not by tomorrow you will be pregnant again for him……. but this shows the Wizman’s carrier is not progressing….

  4. Woman it’s a pity, what you’re passing through is really tough. But its only just started, his 3rd baby mama con manager is all about fame! International collabo and career attainment is the game, she’s bringing something worthwhile to the table. Just focus on training him.

  5. I hv never like this wiz kid of a guy,, he is too proud for my liking,, illuminating proud guy. So u know only how to put ehhh,, wear designers wear, show up in concert, claim to have billions in ur account but u can’t take care of ur child ehh,, anyway I pity all de girls who will even open deir lass for some body useless as this drugs addict. Na one condition dem give u for illuminating kingdom say no take care of ur pikin dem. Go take care of dat innocent pikin and stop showing up in concert. Irresponsible mom.

  6. Why slaming the guy? Did he rape you or was he married to you? You took a decision and you are facing the consequences. It is high time parents start screaming or hammering it into their daughters’ brains to stay off pre marital sex because in Nigeria, the consequence is always on the girl, so girls had better wake up and stop being stupid. The one wey dey husband house never get attention finish, baby mama dey cry. Nonsense!

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