Wizkid Is Sick: “I’m On Herb Medication” – Ayo Balogun

wizkid is sick

March 8, 2013 – Wizkid Is Sick: “I’m On Herb Medication” – Ayo Balogun

Nigerian hip hop star Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid few hours revealed to his fans that he is sick.

He said he is on herb medication. Though he appeared a bit down in the picture, some of his fans accused him of smoking weed but from the look of things, he might be a bit ill.

Wizkid and Chris Brown performed together on stage in Accra Ghana on Tuesday. According to an eyewitness, Chris Brown was caught smoking weed live on stage.

He was paid $1 million to perform in Ghana. He left for the US the next day.

Hope Wizkid gets better….. make u no smoke Igbo ooooo.

Below are few responses to his message;

On medication u looking this good #get well#

Wish i could also be on med if pple look so good on med …lol

Igbo tinzzz

29 thoughts on “Wizkid Is Sick: “I’m On Herb Medication” – Ayo Balogun

  1. But there are some who say, weed is a medicine, a herb. If its a a herb why is that man sick?

    • How do u feel when u have eaten beyond ur gauge (over feeding). Weeds are medicinal agreed but its composition is not d same with normal food. The problem is that humans esp nigerians abuse the use of products. Agencies such as NDLEA were set up cos of dis attitude. At least our fore fathers use these weeds (some were eaten, some were used to treat wounds & so on).
      Once d body takes more than what its supposed to take, there must be a reaction n dat is wat is happening cos nigerian mentality na “today wen i c am, make i chop am finish”. Long throat

  2. U pinters. D boy tell una say na igbe dey make am sick. Person wey no sabi drink as una dey see am so. Na dull brain him get for all dose kind tins. Oif na David O dem say him dey sick,enhe i go beliv am say na dat one na bad boy frm d begining. Na omo mummy b wizo oo

  3. Hey man greetings and wishing u quick recovery, just know it is normal to be sick even for an hour, abeg no fear nothing di happen.

  4. Wizkid don’t be Afraid ok, u will always be fine and try make u they go church now me they represent you for my town so if i dey hear bad talk about you well people dey talk he just they vese me because them they mad i love you my twins brother,even u use to smoke pls just stop it because of your fans and make u come give us latest u no say body dey catch big head Davido abeg try and be will my brother i love you God will always protect you Amen fans chat big Amen for our guy wizkid

  5. Who tell you say na weed cause wizkid sickness. 9ja with small brain thought Shey na only wizkid first smoke weed?
    Everyone dose na

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