Angry Nigerians Attacked Nigerian Embassy In Senegal, Beat Officials To Demand Justice

nigerian embassy senegal attacked

March 8, 2013 – Angry Nigerians Destroyed Nigerian Embassy In Senegal, Beat Officials To Demand Justice

Some angry Nigerians based in Senegal few days ago stormed the premises of the Nigerian embassy in Senegal to demand justice for their killed fellow.

Apparently they have sought for help from the Nigerian Ambassador to Senegal in order to get back the body of a deceased Nigerian citizen but the embassy officials ignored their request.

In the video, the boys stormed the embassy, officials were beaten and some arrested.

They vandalized all the properties in the compound without leaving anything behind.

They even destroyed some expensive cars that belong to the officials who work at the Nigerian embassy.

The video below was uploaded on Youtube on Wednesday.

18 thoughts on “Angry Nigerians Attacked Nigerian Embassy In Senegal, Beat Officials To Demand Justice

  1. that is my country we can never take nonesence from senceless beans, yam =hgdbge even from cocoyam or cocain lol , i love Naija’s with all my heart.

  2. this is too disgraceful, i live abroad and saw this,, i wept.They are demanding this the method, i pray foreigners dont watch this video.GOD saved the ambassd they didnt meet him there. Back to our leaders, if a nation doesnt make solid provision for youth future or unbearable conditions for youth,most will escape illegally abroad and become vagabonds,a snake cut into 2,furious and touchy,mad at the slightest provocatn.God help our nation.Similar ppl went to ng embassy to demonstrate for removal of ambassador(check u tube)Arise O LORD to help our nation.

    • Hi Yomi, I dont know where u are based in abroad but am based in dublin and i can confirm that its better for we Nigerians not to have embassy in dublin than to av the useless bunch of crooks operating in the embassy.

  3. The embassy is not doing a good job, imagine almost 40 nigerians are in senegal main prison facing a minimum of 10yr each and some of them are innocent and they are haven’t gotten any help from nigeria government there, many of them also have died in the prison. They need help now !

  4. this is just d begining, we should all carry this fight to abuja all over 9ja 4 revelution, all this criminals must die or leave our country, we need a united 9ja, nt devide and rull system. we need country with out b haram, kidnaping, injustice, curuption and other legalize crime. we must unit to fight 4 a good leadership, we must stop d fight of tribal one 9ja together we are stronger, God bless 9ja.

  5. Is not only senegal Embassy, is all Nigeria Embassy,very bad ,corrupt and make life didfercult for nigeria to get help ,visa and documents.

  6. Dear prince and my ppl who have listening ears,no smoke without fire,if there is no sin,no punishment.if u go against the law of any nation there is punishment.some countries tolerate no nonesense.if u are familiar wt the news.Hundreds of our ppl are in jail in so many nations of the world bc of sharp practices.thailand,us,uk,,s,afr,malaysia. if u are law abiding, u could live abroad 40yrs without a single problem.If u want to see d secet of wat we are saying. type the countrys name,space, sca…rs on u tube, b4 u fish typing u will see wat will pop up. My employr in mine work place sometime asked me ; hope u are not a rebel? bc i told him where i came from.Did u 4get they call oyinbo mugun?Elders say a child u do not train,will sell the family house.alearned,educated,well trained will never vandalise nations image esp outside the country.lets call a spade a spade.truth is bitter.

  7. ur all afraid of d truth, as long as u dnt care about d solution of our problem, we will remain like that 4 ever. we must do something to get a good leadership. i live in germany and my wife said, we have no steady power suply because we accepted it. until we reject all d evil in 9ja, if nt we will always live with it, wake up my pple. one love all over d world God bless 9ja.

  8. Lawlessness is becoming a way of life in Nigeria , and some Nigerians abroad are beginning to think they could take their criminal acts and attendant impunity to their host countries. Unfortunately for them, seeking amnesty for criminals, mass murderers and terrorists like Boko Haram, could happen only in Nigeria and not Senegal or elsewhere. If everyone everywhere who thinks he/she has a greviance takes the law into his/her own hands as Nigerians are wont to do, what a world we would be living in. Self help may be a virture, but only on occasion.

  9. Nigerian government should sit-up n do smtin,coz our brodas out r suffering,fyn they must ve committed one or two crime dose nt mean we should aboundon dem.president GEJ should stop pro casting dz issue.

  10. Even in UAE, Nigeria embassy is useless, they cannot stand for you even if u have a problem, these people are just there, sitting, drinking coffee and having their salaries. They are evils that cannot support their fellow Nigerians…… Useless embassy

  11. If you want to be frustrated, insulted and humiliated go to Nigerian embassy in Paris.
    I really don’t know how these people managed to be working there, of course with forged results, highly unqualified people who got this job because they know someone.
    It will take them one month to get a three lines signed document that doesn’t take 5 minutes in other embassy. If you want something they refer you to the embassy website to see the requirements, if ever go back with the requirements they will now tell you orally the other things that is never on their site, which they didn’t tell you before. Shame, shame and shame.
    Please check this people properly, make sure they qualified for they job, instead of bringing shame to our country and humiliating the people the supposed to serve.
    Please note that most of them are junior staffs and they will never let you meet their boss.

  12. Ministr of foreign affairs should see to this debased problms ransaking our missions in any foreign country. Truly Nigerians in foreign lands are being treated like animals. No respect for humanity. If aggresiveness and vandalization is the only way to sanitization, den let it take its course coz i believe in radical change. Our government are too non chalant. Scrutiny,screening and rigorous investigation shuld be carried out on dose emmisaries.

  13. I strongly support times majors like this are important..this our African leaders need to be handle like this some times..

  14. I think is only ITALY, i dont know that is all over nigeria embassy, nigeria embassy are very stupid and corrupt.

  15. This is the beginning for a demand for a radical change in Nigerian government and Nigerian Politicians, These present Nigerian politician are thieves, we need a military change and is very close

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