Woman Disappears After Collecting Money From Passenger In Lagos Bus

woman disappears bus ikotun lagos

May 13, 2014 – Woman Disappears After Collecting N50 Cash From Passenger In Ikotun, Lagos Bus

This story sounds like a film trick but it happened in real life yesterday in Lagos State Nigeria.

The bizarre occurrence we learnt happened in Ikotun area of Lagos state Nigeria around 6:40pm on Monday evening when a woman volunteered as the bus conductor on a commercial bus (danfo).

Since the bus driver has no conductor, the woman in question allegedly volunteered to collect transport fares from the passengers.

To cut the long story short, she collected N50 from an old man sitting at the back of the bus and as she was about to give it to the driver, she started shaking like someone battling epilepsy.

You know Nigerians, everybody started shouting on the man who handed the victim N50 to undo what he did to her. The man asked them to allow him to rob her breast to get her back to normal and as he was doing that, he disappeared with the lady.

The sudden disappearance of the two passengers caused serious commotion as all the passengers and the driver took to their heels.

Here is an eyewitness account of what happened yesterday:

My aunt just came back and she is shaking seriously for she witnessed a strange incident some minutes ago. She boarded a bus from her office to drop at Ikotun this evening and unfortunately the bus had no conductor so one woman – one of them (passengers) decided to play the good Samaritan by helping the driver collect the t.fare from passengers.

Everyone co-operated and paid o except for one old man like that. Eventually he brought out his N50 and gave the woman to give the driver. Immediately this woman collected the money, she started shaking like someone that had been hit with ‘warapa’…the shaking got so bad that the driver had to pack and everyone started shouting on the old man to undo whatever he had done to the innocent woman after all it was after she collected the money from him that she began shaking. The old man now said they should let him rub the woman’s breast so that the shaking can stop. While rubbing her breast, they both disappeared like film trick. Everybody in the bus shouted and scattered o, even the driver fled o. You needed to have seen the commotion. Please help warn Nigerians to be careful, all these kidnappers keep devising new methods everyday, only God knows where that woman is now”

This is very strange…

Please pass this to everyone you know may God deliver us from these evil kidnappers.

24 thoughts on “Woman Disappears After Collecting Money From Passenger In Lagos Bus

  1. Woooooo…. onto u works of end time,so u hv such a deadly charm and u could nt use it 2 confront boko haramists all dis while dey hv bin killing ur pple. so dat u will be rewarded by God and man…well I want 2 make it known 2 u now,dat wherever kingdom u hv taken dat innocent woman dey will never be peace there, until she is release in JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fully aware dat dis sounds much like fairy tale, we must admit dat in a world were diabolism is common place, & is upgraded day afta day, dis is highly possibl. It would d4 b unwise on our part 2 aptly brush d story aside as cooked.
    Our prayer is dat God may protect His ppl.

    One learning point howeva, is dat once dat woman startd trembling, dat old man, as d prime suspect, shd hav been held & kept frm touchn her.

  3. I said it before that satan has crept into Nigeria, here we have multiplication of devlish people doing doing evil in a multiple way. There is nothing good about listening to news again in this country Nigeria becuase it’s so full of depressing news. You @ Duru that claimed that you don’t believe, pray it does not happen to you to make you believe, I can’t see the reason why you are kidding assive you don’t know that prince of the world raoming about seeking of who to devour is the one pressing the botton of many unsolved mysteries on earth!!!!!

  4. It is true.d same thng happened in abj abt two yrz ago.a woman n her husbnd were caught up in a traffic jamb in maraba-nyanya road n d woman saw a beggar on d road n decided 2 giv hm money.afta dat d woman startd actin funny.her husbnd confrontd d man n drew attention of d police n pple around.d beggar askd thm 2 allow hm suck d woman’s breast.afta he did dt d beggar n d woman disapeard.

  5. If d story is anytin 2 go by, dis cld b sb‘s moda or wife 4 Christ sake bin taken away just lk dat.
    Emm! I got an Idea… She sld b traced 2 Soka forest, perhaps she cld b found dia.

  6. Nothing is strange in this world….. The only thing I think that is strange today is that man/woman that has not yet found his/her place. You must be prepare to Live or to Die…… The world has always been that way!

  7. the devil for sure has built his palace in nigeria, wearing a crown of corruption and holding a staff of destruction. but still, the guy(lucifer)know who is weak in spirit. he wont dare come close to the children of God. we are all covered by the blood of Jesus. amen.

  8. This is not new at all,even while I was a kid they always warn us do t pick money from the floor you might disappear . Don’t give beggar money it’s dangerous there some people that buys that money from them, a lots happening .this. Days.

  9. …these things are not new brethren, it should make you correct your steps and have a rethink…and the most important thing is to-cling unto the saviour such that no power or scheme of men or the devil will pluck you from His hands…the end time you are talking about may be in the next 100’s of years…but how many more years do you have on this planet earth??? Jesus is the only way to Heaven! THINK ABOUT IT!

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