Woman Divorces Talkative Husband

woman divorces talkative husband

Sept 21st, 2012 – Woman Divorces Talkative Husband

Mariam Adunni, a Nigerian woman from Ilorin Kwara state has divorced her husband of six years for being an untamed chatterbox. naijagists.com

Adunni, 38 from Omoda Area of Ilorin told the court her hubby, Garba Ajani is a talkative man who reveals intimate family secrets to outsiders.

Here is what she said:

“My husband is fond of sharing our family affairs with his relatives and friends,” she told the court, adding that the defendant has had no time for fun with her and their children.

“My husband has no trust in me, instead he shares his problems with friends and relatives who will mislead him.”

“I am tired of him because I have tried my best to change him and he is not ready to cooperate,”

Her hubby who agreed to the divorce request said:

“nobody can turn my back against my parents.”

The marriage was dissolved and a divorce certificate issued.

14 thoughts on “Woman Divorces Talkative Husband

  1. d root of dis divorce may b puverty.mariam dnt wnt 2 manage wit her husband n she wnt 2 control d man so dat d man family could divide.wat abt there children abi d man no fel sex her to produced child? nonesense…..

  2. I this this woman wants the husband to turn his back on his parents and siblings while at the same time her parents and siblings are the only ones welcomed to their house. Nonesense.

  3. I think wat de wife could hav don is to take it to God in prayin n fastin, if truly she knws God becos dere’s nothin God can nt do.

  4. Marriage is a package, whatever U find in Ur own, U take it. The woman would have askd herself this question: what if she was the one behaving that way, will she prefer the man dumping her for just that? She simply want to join prostitution because staying in that man house will not give her full chance to do that.

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