Woman Gives Birth To Baby With Two Heads & Many Legs

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August 15, 2012 – Woman Gives Birth To Baby With Two Heads & Many Legs

A woman yesterday delivers a baby girl with two heads and multiple legs in Uttar Pradesh, India. naijagists.com

The baby girl with obvious birth deformities was delivered at Aashirwad hospital and Research Centre after a major operation.

The baby girl has two heads with one neck on one body. In addition to the two heads, she has several legs and she is crying with both her mouths.

According to a senior doctor at the hospital, the condition is referred to as Congenital anomaly which happens to one in several children due to a genetic disorder.

The father of the baby girl, Tilakdhari Yaday said she is his 6th child.

22 thoughts on “Woman Gives Birth To Baby With Two Heads & Many Legs

  1. If this can thing really happend, then women wil soon give brith to a big goat, and is show’s the end time

  2. This is not a new phenomenon! They were going to be twins but failed to divide properly during cell divisions in the process of conception. Now they end up with two heads and one body! The one with the body is at an advantage over just the head.
    This is just a calamity!
    Some had grown to adulthood but what a pain!

  3. some ppl and their superstitious beliefs. Which one is parents shd check their background. It could be fetish, it may not be. Abeg oh.

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