Woman Marries Devil’s Bridge In France “My Husband Is Robust & Handsome” (Pictures)


woman married devil's bridge france photos

July 14, 2013 – Woman, Jodi Rose Married Devil’s Bridge In France “I Want This Bridge As My Husband – It’s Robust & Handsome” (Photos)

“The bridge is all you could want in a husband, robust, reliable, sensual, kind and handsome” “There is longevity in the arch of its back, it has stood for 600 years and will stand for another 600 years”

Above is the exact statement made by an Australian woman named Jodi Rose who married a 600-year-old bridge called the Pont du Diable on the Hérault River in France recently.

Le Pont du Diable bridge also known as Devil’s bridge was built by Benedictine monks in the 11th century and has demonstrated resilience in tough times.

The Australian artist who travels the world recording the vibrations of jumper cables to her musical project “Singing Bridges” said she knew it was true love the day she set her eyes on the 600-year-old bridge located in southern part of France.

jodi rose photos

The wedding took place few weeks ago with 14 guests in attendance.

Excited bride Jodi Rose wore a traditional clothing despite her not so traditional wedding. She wore a floor-length ivory gown with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

“While I respect those whose sexual and romantic feelings are directed towards objects, mine is a symbolic issue,” . “My husband understands that I love other bridges, and men. Ours is a love that embraces the ups and downs of life, as materialized in the swirling currents of the river flowing below its gorgeous body,” said Jodi Rose via her blog Bridgeland.

She further said;

“The bridge is all you could want in a husband, robust, reliable, sensual, kind and handsome”

Jodi Rose hopes the 600-year-old bridge will feel the same way she feels about the open relationship.

See more photos of Jodi Rose and her bridge husband below;

woman marries bridge in france

woman married a bridge in france

bridge wedding photos

woman marries devil bridge france

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