Yahoo Yahoo Boy Runs Mad In Ikeja, Lagos (Photos)

yahoo boy runs mad in ikeja

Oct 4, 2012 – Yahoo Yahoo Boy Runs Mad In Ikeja, Lagos (Photos)

The guy in the picture above is a popular Yahoo yahoo boy (internet fraudster) in Ikeja, Lagos state Nigeria.

According to witnesses, the Yahoo Plus boy suddenly jumped out of his Range rover jeep, lost his senses and ran mad in the heart of Ikeja yesterday.

Minutes after this bizarre twist of fame, people quickly gathered to behold the once popular boy of the town.

We learnt he stripped himself naked and started saying all sorts of meaningless things.

Few minutes after, he defecated on himself and started chasing everybody around.

With all the money he gathered unjustly, look where he ends up now!

Beware of quick riches.

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65 thoughts on “Yahoo Yahoo Boy Runs Mad In Ikeja, Lagos (Photos)

  1. bimbo non go change….dey console urself there…is boldly written say na yahoo yahoo boy, u dey there dey console urself say Naija mentality…is true, your mentality as naija man….i…u try…dey cheer up there….

  2. for they that wait upon the lord shall be like mount zion, the yahoo boy didn’t wait for godstime. Sorry for him, it’s a lesson to all of us

  3. The wages of sin is death. there is a way that seems right to a man but the end therefore is dead. this is the reward has gotten for what you sow you shall reap no more no less.

  4. what does it profit a man when he gain d world with YAHOO YAHOO and end up in madness.GOD ve mercy

  5. Magar no fıt pay. Good for hım ıf u asked me. Yahoo yahoo plus be warn!!! Madness ıs stıll waıtıng for u. What shall ıt profıt a man ıf he gaın the whole world and lost hıs soul. Be warn!!!

  6. Lord help your children oooh ! it’s not really easy for anyone just have mercy on Us… I pray for your healing in your son life because is only you can do on do !! Remember what the Bible says and also no body is perfect it’s just by the grace of God …. For wealth Joshua 1:8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

  7. We shld be our brother keep.. let us go on fastin and prayer for this great MAN FOR GOD HEALING UNPON HE LFE ! LORD I PRAY RIGHT NOW FOR UR HEALIN IN OUR BROTHER LIFE AMEN !!

  8. I don't kno y We Naija re quick to jump in2 Conclusion……..Yahoo dis Yahoo dat……Wat Most of us re doin behind d Scene re even more worsta dan all dis Yahoo dis Yahoo dat…..Secondly We should not 4get dat here in Naija…..Yahoo Reduce Crime Such as Robbery n Toutin…….Dat one aside……Bein a Yahoo is not a Crime but bein YAHOO PLUS…..hmmmm…..I Shake My head for una….Hidin unda d Umbrella of bein a Yahoo n u'r unda doin some dirty deal……I PiTY u oooo…..cos God dey watch Uuuu……….Moreso in dis guy case……..Letz not quick to Judge Him……ONLY GOD KNO D ReAL REASON 4 HiS MADNeSS…….1stly……IT CAN b HaRD DRuG…..2ndly……It can b Spiritual Attack…..Rememba dis Guy Mite ave Enuff Mouth dat he's Feedin n here is he………ONLi GOD Kno's BesT n He's d onli ONE to judge d WicKed…….

  9. @ Fidelia… re we sure itz his doin n not d doin’z of Spiritual Peepz……@ Mary n Ajoke…..Trully itz not gud….But if we want to kno’z dat doze whT dserve it………U SHOULD GO n WATCH a FiLM called ROOTs…..Dr u’ll undastand……Wat I just want ppl 2 Kno is dat Nobody has eva come out wit d Real Story of dis guy……Everybody kip callin him Yahoo……IS DR NO ONE WU NO HIS NAME…..aftall its suppose to b in his car……Did anybody kno’z where he live or dey’re just sayin all wat dis coz of his Big Car…..Aldo I’m not in Support of any bad tin………But we shud all ask for d forgiveness of God b4 we Condemn dis guy……ONLI GOD KNO’s D TRUTH n HE MUST SURELY REVEAL IT………GOD BLESS NAiJA…….

  10. Yahoo Guys,take it easy,you might have put sombody in tears,why you are cruisin with sombody money, God of Vengers.

  11. it’s a pity that Nigerians are known for yahoo yahoo. i can only imagine the pain they have caused people. perhaps one of the victims went to a herbalist and sent a curse to whomever did this to them. :) just speaking from a typical nigerian’s perspective.

  12. Nigerians have been deprived many foreign rights becos of pple like yahoo yahoo. No one trusts nigerians overseas… no easy online advantage for nigerians. Our country name is wiped off the list of many sites… we are being termed as scammers. Can our name ever be clean again?

  13. You bloodsuckers saying shits about em yy boiz are jobless, it’s glaring people like you cannot get anywhere in life with your low or no sense of OBSERVATION. politics is a scam, companies you work for have their secrets. People like obasanjo who sold and renationalized some nigerians living on bakassi peninsula to cameroon nko? Is that not worst compared to internet fraud? How many times have you been robbed lately? Did you stupid fowl mouthed bitches have anything to say about that? You better think and get wise, Life itself is a scam unless you wish to remain a slave. Most of una big brodas wey dey abroad sef no be scammer or druggies? Thanks to the good ones who said the truth, God bless you! I hope our hommie is not a ritualist though! God will help him. JUDGE NO ONE!!! GOD BLESS NIGERIA..

  14. Na my guy oo, no bi richaulist or yahoo boy oo,his dad is rich n live enough wealth 4 him n a big company.his dad brothers has been fighting wit him 4 d wealth,say his dad left some part of d wealth 4 them that d boy change his dad wills so he will take everything.i cant judge but i still suspect this madness came 4rm d boy uncle.may god 4give d weaked 4 them to repent amen.

  15. Wetin wu и̲̮̣̥̅̊ά̲̣̣̣̥ d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥y talk our president and government no be scammer d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥y be и̣̣̣̥ι̥ abegggi forget am joo. Says me Ợ̥”P̶̲̥̅̊L̶̲̥̅̊υ̲̣̥m̶̲̥̅̊™

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