Yinka Ayefele: The Day TB Joshua Refused To See Me And Gave Me N5000 As Transport Fare

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December 16, 2017 – Yinka Ayefele: The Day TB Joshua Rejected Me And Gave Me N5000 As Transport Fare

Gospel High life singer Yinka Ayefele who lost his spinal chord in a near-fatal accident 20 years ago recently talked at length with Lanre Odukoya about his ordeal at TB Joshua’s church in Lagos while he was desperately searching for miracle.

See part excerpts of the interview below:

Do you believe in miracles?

Of course, I do believe in miracles. I have been waiting for it and I know surely it will come unexpectedly.

What are some of those awkward things you did while finding and waiting for miracles?

That would be going to The Synagogue Church of All Nations. In those moments I was looking for miracle, a lot of people advised me to go to the church and I took the pain to go then. But unfortunately he couldn’t see me on the first, second and third day. I think on the third day he sent someone to give me N5,000 for transport back.

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That was about 17years ago and so I decided not go there again.

Why didn’t you return there?

I didn’t because I wouldn’t know why he didn’t want to see me. And maybe it had something to do with the Late Kola Olawuyi’s issue. Kola had issue with him and he knew I was working with him before the accident.

Even if I believe in miracle, the only regret I have was looking around for it, forgetting that miracle can happen anywhere, and then God has said He won’t share His glory with anybody.

Few years back, I was playing with Baba Obadare, and he said my faith has been tied to the treatments I got abroad. And then again, a lot of men of God had given me the message that God said He would do it at His own time and no man will take the glory. For instance, if I had stood up in any of the churches, a lot of people would have swarmed there for miracles.

A lot of people still don’t know how to classify your kind of music – some claim it’s largely the reason you’d not performed at places like the Redemption Camp Convention, Experience and the rest…

First of all, ‘Tungba’ is my own kind of music and the ‘Tungba’ is the sound of my talking drum mix, it is my own way of preaching the gospel and if you like believe it or not. I’m the only Nigerian gospel artiste with lots of Muslim fans in Nigeria.

Performing at the Redemption Camp is not ticket to God but if they invite me for a performance, I’d honour God. I have met with both Pastor Enoch Adeboye and his wife several times in revival; if I’m not invited, it might not be Pastor Adeboye’s fault as it could be sentiments amongst other pastors. I have performed in virtually all other churches.

23 thoughts on “Yinka Ayefele: The Day TB Joshua Refused To See Me And Gave Me N5000 As Transport Fare

    • @ Sam Aihekhu..Even Yinka didn’t know why Prophet T.B Joshua did not see him and after you finished reading this you figured out he’s a Crook
      Lord have mercy!

  1. @sam aihekhu…..you are a fool,are u better than him,don’t judge of talk about people if you don’t know them

  2. God dt u re luking fo has already gone ahead of u to sinagogue,if TBJ healed u dt day,u may neva b kn again, every thin work fo gud fo dos dt luv God,av gud tot abt TBJ

  3. The Prophet simply read
    God’s mind concerning Yinka Ayofele’s case. God uses foolish things mostly to prove His Word and the prophet’s “refusal”to attend to him may be one of them. (1 Corinth 1: 27)
    Today, Yinka Ayofele is a household name and one of the richest musicians of his time. He’s not disabled before his Creator, God is using him mightily to shepherd lost souls back to His fold.

  4. some people drawn their decisions on men of God by their feelings and merely saying but they forget that God does not work by sights

  5. he knows ur situation is real so he can’t heal u, that was why he sent u away by giving u d money, don’t spoil his business.

  6. It grieved me that Prophet IDAHUSA is not alive. some so called men Of God like TB Joshua could not rise.

    I was once his fan but when I made my research it was discovered that in the early 80’s TB was still practicing sorcerer from his late ancestors.

    TB was a Muslim during his practicing and his Name is FATAI.

    Believe or leave it, if you can’t trace a man of God to another man of God then he’s traced to the devil.

    If man of power and authority like BISHOP IDAHUSA is alive TB JOSHUA WOULDN’T HAVE EMERGED.


  7. Thank u Paul, u have said my mind, all the miracle performing there are all set up miracle and not real, Ayefele own is real

  8. Thank u Paul, you have said my mind, all the miracle there are just set up and not real, Ayefele case is real and will never try to attempt it because no miracle will happen,all we see on air and hear are fake ones to deceive people.Plenty of them are in east side, God is exposing them everyday.

  9. Well, even do guy has said dat some pastores had told him dat God don’t want him 2 b delivers in a church , maybe dat was what t.b Joshua saw b4 sending him bak

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