Yomi Fash Lanso: Why I Don’t Travel Abroad For Vacation


yomi fash lanso vacation spot

January 15, 2017 – Yomi Fash Lanso: Why I Don’t Travel Abroad For Vacation

The Nollywood actor who is always impeccable in his dressing recently revealed his favourite vacation spot to Razzle Dazzle at an event.

Hear him:

As at June last year, Yomi Fash Lanso was spotted with Mr Latin and Bayowa films in Orlando Florida….See more  photos.

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Will love to see photos of Mr Lanso at Erin Ijesa, Olumo Rock and Obudu ranch soon.**wink**

5 thoughts on “Yomi Fash Lanso: Why I Don’t Travel Abroad For Vacation

  1. The trip to Florida could have been for business and not a leisure trip or maybe it was Florida-Naija he was spotted in June last year which will make his claim correct.it is a known fact that there are pockets of small Communities …. Usually in plantations in Nigeria…. That adopt names of exotic places for themselves e.g. There is London in Ikom Cross River State etc.
    If the guy spends time in the Florida equivalent of such Community, his claim will be correct.
    It is a good thought spending holiday in Nigeria so carry go bros !

  2. So is it fair enough to say his actions betray his words?. He did speak truth but I doubt he lives up to it.


    Meanwhile, there is nothing wrong going places outside your own. Quran speaks

    “Say, [O Muhammad], “Travel through the land and observe how was the end of those before…. Sura Rum (30:42)

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