Yvonne Nelson Dumps Ice Prince “John Dumelo Is My Boyfriend”

yvonne nelson ice prince

March 25, 2013 – Yvonne Nelson Dumps Ice Prince “John Dumelo Is My Boyfriend”

Actress Yvonne Nelson has started this week with a very high energy.

Yvonne who is currently on a movie location in New York with actor John Dumelo took to her Twitter page to dish her real boyfriend, Nigerian rapper Ice Prince.

In a Twitter update few minutes ago, Yvonne said “Aboki (referring to Ice Prince)…. apparently John is my boyfriend he’s gonna kill you.. you don’t wanna see his aboki”

This beautiful babe is not getting any younger.

Sources in the know claim Yvonne Nelson and Ice Prince are currently dating though she has denied it, it’s just a cover up.

Hopefully one day she go marry and all these boyfriend sagas will come to an end.

33 thoughts on “Yvonne Nelson Dumps Ice Prince “John Dumelo Is My Boyfriend”

  1. Yvonne try 2 v self control ok. Stop changing men n it not a must u must date a star lik u d r making mockery of u. Pls u r a beautiful dnt tell d wrld dat beautiful gals dnt v self respect.

  2. I cnt just imagine y some girls cn b so gullible. Changn boyfrnds like TV stations and forgettn dt they r d ones loosn cos am sure they av sex wv most of ds guys. Don’t worry stocks go soon finish for una market…

  3. U wey bleeching don kee finish. Very ugly shapeless tin!dant face one man and get married cos ur juniors are all settled. Dey follow small small bois wey u senior here and there.

  4. She may not be sleeping wt any one of them…they just put these up to keep bn in the News-trust me and they enjoy it while it lasted.they are in the acting world..its önly you people that can’t read btwn the lines swallow the s..t.

  5. remember that no matter how beautiful u are, 1 day ur beauty ll fake. Is ther u ll turn left and right, no one longer found, is they ur ear wil clear

  6. U ar proud 4 taken a big d**k,i hope by na u love hole av wide like express road.dn’t 4get dat every tin beautiful has its moment den pass away.pls if it is truth u better change u life,i lv u.

  7. Whatz is wrong with u AFRICANS …….. can’t a girl be friends with a guy without you guys judging her. She (YVONNE) never said she is dating any 1 of them so WHY the name CALLING.U guys need to LEAVE this innocent girl(YVONNE) alone for her(YVONNE) to live her life…………I LOVE U

  8. YVONNE forget about all them hatter out there and live your life….people will always said SHIT no matter what n also Nobody knows you more than your self, MUCH LOVE YVONNE .

  9. is possible dat yvonne nelson is dating them,as for me she has her life 2 live the only thing i have 2 say is she better be careful wit dis life o.bcos the wages of sin is death.luv u

  10. Beautiful yvonne, who z decieving wHo, u aint getting younger. Try and choose one cos as u dey go nw u go still date wizkid

  11. Ivoynne,wat r u doin 2 urself,dat ur actress doesn’t mean u should mes up urself ,choose one stop f**tin ;nawao 4 uooooooo

  12. YVONNE u don dey craze o,u tink sey u stil young abi,u can date any fuckin person but free john dumelo,sey u no see jackie she don settle wif kids,crazy bitch

  13. u all should. stop gussiping about her.if yvonne frd them,it does nt mean she had sex wt them.or dnt we av platonic frd again?. Yvonne dnt mind d gossipers .anytin u do in dis world ,som fools must talk bad at u,y som wil like u.if everybody lik u,dat means ur nt complate

  14. All you guys that happen to be ****enough to come here and try to cure your***should start by going to **** so you can even attempt to speak like her, before you open your gutters to judge and insult an educated star that has made a name for herself, I am sure she wouldn’t even understand half of what y’all are blabbing, besides, are you in her life to really know what’s true or not??? Instead of believing or twisting whatever you see on the internet,take my advice, shut**** and take a class in ****then make yourself useful for yourself and stop judging other people unjustly…

  15. Dear Yvonne nelson, I don’t intend to judge you cos I’m not GOD. But I can’t imaging out of about 27 comments that 90% of the commentators are not please with you. So my dear, I will advise you go get your life partner and settle. God help you as you do this. Amen

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