Senator David Mark Denies Buying N47m Ferrari For 2face Idibia As Wedding Gift “It’s A Wicked Lie”

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March 25, 2013 – Senator David Mark Denies Buying N47 million Ferrari For 2face Idibia As Wedding Gift “It’s A Wicked Lie”

You must have come across stories on the web claiming that Nigerian Senate President David Mark gave 2Face Idibia a 47 million naira Ferrari car as wedding gift, please debunk such story.

Senator David Mark himself has distanced himself from the story calling it a wicked lie.

Below is what his spokesman, Mr Kola Ologbondiyan said in regards to the rumour

“The President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, did not give a N47m Ferrari car to Tuface Idibia contrary to wild stories being circulated on social sites.”

Mr Ologbondiya further said:

“The President of the Senate, Senator Mark, did not make a car donation of any kind to Tuface before departing Nigeria for Ecuador neither did he purchase nor send any car to Dubai as a wedding gift for the musician or his wife”

Where do people get this kind lie lie story?  Na wa o.

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18 thoughts on “Senator David Mark Denies Buying N47m Ferrari For 2face Idibia As Wedding Gift “It’s A Wicked Lie”

  1. Nigeria please lets stop this kind of wicked games, I know that all this mess comes from the so called new political meger APC. Just to pull down the current PDP government. Nigerians knows the truth, since Buhari made his comment that he will make the seat presidency ungovernable to GEJ.; since then BOKO HARAM everywhere and all sorts of wicked rumors. Only some fools will allow the APC take over the seat of government in Nigeria come 2015. They claimed to be BORN TO RULE, while they don’t even have good education. I don’t belong to any political party in Nigeria; may God save Nigeria from the wicked hands of Ex-military Amen…..

  2. There must be something behind buying this junkie Idibia and Annie, all these luxurious cars by these said to be Nigerian leaders,because it’s getting out of been funny. Eminency of coup d’etat is smelling around the seat of power as these useless leaders waisting our country money on these useless to the nation junkies who called themselves couple.We don’t know the sense behind this prostitute formation marriage that is attracting this unnecessary attention. Nigeria should not imbibe in this culture of promoting evil people like Idibia. Many women he impregnates and fathered many children. Why white wedding after all these evils?

  3. who are you to judge him. First remove the log from your eyes before you can remove from another person’s eye.

    • victor, u must be enjoyin ur life witout caring 4 others in dis country. U need 2 really wake up from ur slumber

  4. Yes the sit should b hot 4 d so called president hw long does he wnt graduate to b on the street. I pray boko haram should hv their way to Aso rock

  5. Hmmmmm is too bad for we nigerian on what is happening in our country, when will all this evil wil stop?

  6. 47meter,is a huge sum of cash,dat kan help so many nigerians living in poverty.jonathans tenure wich would end soon,has opened way for criminals,thieves to steal more of public funds and convert them into personal use.what’s so specail abt a distributor(2face innocent idibia)who doesn’t know his h.I.v status n his stupid wife,what positive contribution av they added to nigeria as a nation.we are all trapped in this horryfying country called nigeria?where the currency has no london hardly would you see people spending billions or eVen holding heavy sums of cash
    Nigeria should implement the beheading issue,any man or woman with an outreagous sum of money caught in the act of embessling of public funds should be beheaded
    Stupid david mark
    Nigeria is a caused land

  7. What do u expect from jobless graduates? They said a bill was propsed graduates to be paid 20k n u rejected it! How long will u n ur family continue to enjoy alone?? Supposing everybody is busy with their jobs n business would they have the time carry out fake rumours? I like David Mark very well, but I heard the news of him rejected the bill of employed graduates to be paid 20k I dislike him! Because there money that can meet such bill!

  8. 22B5C559,if U̶̲̥̅̊ don’t av work come let’s put head ttogether to help our.selves instead of gossiping

  9. Where was i wen he rejected dat bill? May kolanut swell his eyes for eternity. Na im mama money be dat? Mak dem interview d couples for d truth joo.

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