Yvonne Nelson’ White Boyfriend, Baby Father Photos .. See The Photographer That Impregnated Nelson

yvonne nelson white baby father

Nov 15, 2017 – Yvonne Nelson’s White Boyfriend, Baby Daddy Pictures Leak: See The Young Photographer That Impregnated Miss Nelson

And Yes Yvonne Nelson Is Older Than Her Boyfriend Turned Baby Daddy

Though popular Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson did not live up to the standard expected of her when she got pregnant out of wedlock but that is not affecting her as she has already made up her mind to suffer the consequences positively by enjoying nature’s most precious gift while ignoring all her critics.

A popular celebrity blogger in Ghana has released the never before seen photos of the man who stole the heart of Ghana’s most beautiful actress from her African Prince.

NaijaGisits went further to find out more about the identity of this handsome ‘bobo’ who has since turned all his social media profiles private.

Here are our findings:

The 27-year-old man responsible for Yvonne Nelson’s unplanned pregnancy is Jamie, the founder of My Eyes Wide Photography.

He is a London based photographer who has now relocated to Accra to be with the actress.

Check out more photos of Jamie below.

yvonne nelson white baby daddyyvonne nelson white boyfriend

As the popular saying goes… Age is just a number all that matters now is her happiness.

Congrats to the couple.

9 thoughts on “Yvonne Nelson’ White Boyfriend, Baby Father Photos .. See The Photographer That Impregnated Nelson

  1. My gut is telling me something is not right about him. Sorry Yvonne u hv made the biggest mistake of your life by marrying a photographer who take pictures of several women.
    You will not be his first and last just expect heartbreak.

    • shut up , such an embarrassment how do you know one has made a mistake are you GOD… SO BACKWARD WORST STILL ON SOCIAL ,, what a mentality

  2. Yvonne is too desperate so anything goes with her. Very poor choice
    D guy looks too smart to date one girl considewrnig he is also into a career where he meets lot of women
    very bad choice Yvonne. U have allowed love to becloud ur reasoning.
    Dont u have a mother to advise you.
    As an elder I can tell u dis is a big risk.

  3. It’s her choice & it should be respected & she’s ready to face the consequences. Sometimes life may not be the way we planned it. What is the point getting married & not having children. Congrats Yvonne.

  4. Like some Nollywood actresses, she just want to have an “oyibo” baby. She was engaged to an African, a fellow Ghanaian and according to her she met this photographer and dumped her fiancé without any quarrel. Inferiority complex.

  5. AD God bless u for shorting that *****d kunle up for saying that about yvonne. Is he God? People watch the way u talk about people pls, nobody is perfect ooo!!!

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