Photos: Mollie Perrin, Baby Born 3 Months Early, Prematurely At 27 Weeks, Weighing 1 Pound Survives

baby born 3 months early

August 24, 2015 – Mollie Perrin, Baby Born 3 Months Early, Prematurely At 27 Weeks Weighing 1 Pound Survives[PICTURES]

Little Mollie Perrie was born 13 weeks early on the 27th of April 2015 before doctors diagnosed her with a placenta disorder. Before birth, doctors told her parents James & Stephanie Perrin that she can’t live past 3 weeks.

The baby who weighs one pound at the time of her birth was immediately rushed to the Neonatal intensive care ward where doctors placed her in an incubator.

She defied doctors expectations and lived past 3 weeks old. Now at 17 weeks, her parents from Hull, East Yorkshire are ready to take her home.

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baby born at 27 weeks