108 UNILORIN New Students, Jambites Expelled Over Admission Fraud

May 16, 2016 – 108 University Of Ilorin New Students, Jambites Expelled Over Admission Fraud

At least 108 fresh students of the University of Ilorin have been expelled for gaining admission fraudulently.

UNILORIN VC, Prof Ganiyu Ambali made this known today in Ilorin while chatting with Kwara State Police Commissioner, Sam Okaula.

Earlier, Okaula said the university was highly regarded as one of the best universities in Africa because of its stable academic calendar.

He pleaded with Ambali to assist police officers in securing admission to improve their capacity to be able to better deal with crime in the country.

9 thoughts on “108 UNILORIN New Students, Jambites Expelled Over Admission Fraud

  1. Very good, at least students will sit and read and not bribing machinery and examiners to gain admission

  2. even those that sut and read do they really get d admission without sought corruption and connection everywhere

  3. It is good, next time they will pass through the door and not through the window. Lesson for all.

  4. Most pple don’t knw wat really happened, yet they think unilorin is d best. Frankly speaking, unilorin is a messed up school. They said fake admission, yet all of the 108 students passed there utme,putme. They gave them admission,they paid acceptance fee, they did clearance, they paid school fees, they did course registration, they were also matriculated oh, all of em has matric number oh. Lectures was going on oh, exam con start. Na there dem con knw say na fake admission, after all d wahala,stress,money,sarcrifice. Its really uncalled for, nd dats wat dey do every year. They believe they can do anything nd go scot free, this tym game changed. “Ambali” The V.C him self nd d school management did nt have any wat so ever evidence against this students, even the statement he made was on dress code and cultism. Its very painful, so I here by urge d 108 students 2 fight for there rights. Sue Ambali and d school management, although am wrking on sum stuffs Already. Cus what they did was fraud of the highest order. Even if dey were given fake admission, y don’t u return there money back. Abi no b school account e dey, Unilorin A.K.A Number 1 “THIEF” University. 1nce again I urge d 108 students and there parents to fight for there rights. Am proud 2 b a Nigerian, Oh God I wish am a S.A.N.

  5. Nawao! D masses re really suffering and passing through hell in all angle..
    May God save us ooo!

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