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12 Tips On Becoming A Better Person And Living A Happy Life

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12 Tips On Becoming A Better Person And Living A Happy Life

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In a bid to enjoy life, you’d have to work on your outlook to life, and perhaps need to change a few things around and within you. Change occurs frequently, some are intentional while others are beyond a person’s control. Examining oneself, a person may not be pleased at what they see, and that is when change, through improvement needs to be embraced. To be truly happy, you have to work at becoming a better person.

There’s none you see that is perfect. We all have to fix the flaws that lie within so that what others see, are beautiful. You may wonder how to go about becoming this better person. Self-improvement is a constant exercise in life, and there are phases of life that each person needs to work on. It is important that in attempt to become a better person, you are aware of your present state. Recognise your present response to various scenarios, including your abilities and flaws. Someone who desires to improve their life has to reflect on their current life, observe what needs to be improved, and finally work on how to make those necessary changes. It is key to know that change cannot occur until realization existing faults are known.

Here are a few tips on becoming a better person. Adopt them and you find yourself being happy at the way you are.

Be true to yourself

If you really want to achieve improvement, then you have to be true to yourself.Admitting that this is the state you are in, is the first step you would have to take. It is necessary while improving oneself as a person, to recognize what one really is, and what they are not. A sample survey conducted with friends and family about your flaws would be very helpful. Though it is true that people’s perception about a person does not necessarily define who that person is, but the truth remains that they help you figure you out. They are the ones who hear and watch you, after all. So if more than one of them says a particular thing about you, you really do need to check yourself. Listening to people’s perspective about you can shed a lot of light, and alter your thoughts and actions.

Stop being defensive

Usually when a person is made aware of their flaws or wrong actions, the response tends to be defensive and a lot of excuses follow. Blaming others for misbehaviours or finding excuses appears easier to do but in reality, won’t take an individual very far. Rather than pointing fingers at others or making excuses about why you are not happy or successful in phases of your life, admit that you are wrong and thus, at fault. When this happens, it is easier to actually work on these flaws, and generally become better. When a person starts living up to their mistake and downfalls, their life begins to turn around.

Accept criticisms, and forgive

As humans, when we are criticized, wenaturally feel hurt and sometimes angry especially whensuch criticism affects our personality on the whole. Letting go of anger and hurt is in fact easier said than done. While hurt and anger are emotions people normally have at intervals, letting these emotions ruin one’s relationship with others is very unwise. This is because it leads to grudge and malice which leave a person bitter on the inside and not happy. When this happens, you tend to be unreasonable thereby making unwise decisions which actually affects feelings of happiness. Therefore it is necessary to let go of such negative emotions. Also, the ability to forgive people is equally necessary. Often times blindness brought about by hurt prevents persons from realising that realize that holding another person at heart doesn’t allow peace of mind. Instead, it causes a person to remain unsettled and unhappy. Hence, even when you are hurt and believe that a person shouldn’t be forgiven especially because they are not sorry, you have to do it for your peace of mind and sanity.

Work towards goals

This is very important in your journey to being happy, and becoming a better person. Apart from writing down what you want to achieve, have them absorbed mentally. Setting goals even on your mind opens up your introspective side, allowing a better understanding of yourself from an objective standpoint.  Having a mentor or role model can become a great source of inspiration when trying to become a better person. A mentor often gives motivation to push through with changing oneself when they are discouraged. A role model is a great motivation as you’d often sees your envisioned self in that person. Though having them is not what determines the achievement of goals, they are a big advantage when trying to follow through with the goals you have set for yourself.

Release your ego

It is necessary to let go of your ego which has the ability to set a person back from being kind and compassionate. Usually, it is a person’s ego that controls the thoughts and reactions they have in some scenarios. Sometimes, an inflated ego makes one rude and unwilling to change due to pride. When as a person, you lay aside your ego, you’d see yourself become less blinded by pride and that exposes you to becoming more objective about life facts. This creates a positive outlook of life and is resultant in making a person find happiness from within.

Learn to be honest

To enjoy life with people around them, a person needs to be honest and direct.  No one is happy when lied to. In fact, we all see it as a violation of trust, and feel betrayed when lied to. In seeking to become a better person, you have to be ready to be honest in both personal and professional relations. It is important that you learn how to express your thoughts, feelings and ideas in an open and truthful manner. Being direct with one’s opinion doesn’t insinuate that a person should be rude while expressing their ideas, but rather that one is truthful and free from bias.  You need to be polite at all times, staying away from treating people in a condescending or worse manner. By being impolite, a person tends to lose chances in life, as well as their face while in the midst of people. It is equally important that you are respectful of other’s time, thoughts and ideas. It is not often that you’d agree with the ideas or opinions of others but that doesn’t mean you should put them down or act disrespectfully. Rather, accept that people have different perspectives and ideas to life.

Don’t lose your identity

In the process of becoming better, be careful not to lose yourself. You have to align your thoughts, values and beliefs, and modify them to become better. It is important to establish your identity while improving so you don’t lose sight of who you truly are. The process of becoming better is to have you become a refined version of you. Being open to change allows you recognize beneficial changes that can help you improve, allowing you grow into a better and happier person. It allows one to be self-confident and at the same time not terrified at the idea of change.

Be open to learning

By consistently getting more education for yourself and socializing, a person is moving towards becoming a better person. It is often said that ‘learning begins at birth and ends at death’.  It is important that you never stop getting excited at getting educated or informed. No man is an island of his own, after all. It is necessary to remember that humans are connected in a network and so it is necessary to keep learning as one interacts with others. Everyone has different perspectives and ideas to life events and it is by interacting with them, and willing to learn that a person gets wiser. It isn’t only from one’s experiences that a person can learn but rather, one learns from the tales of other people’s experiences. There is need to be equipped with skills. While trying to become a better person, you are learning something new from others and at the same time honing your current skills.

Explore your talents

While trying to become a better person, you should also try to explore your talents and skills, working at building them up to be better. Every person is gifted with certain strengths and abilities that they excel in and genuinely enjoy. It is left to an individual to find out what that talent is and build it up to so as to make them a better person. It is necessary to find fulfilment in what one does either a career job or a course of study.And that is why it is advisable to choose the right path to life. When a person enjoys their career choice, they are happy and they can impact positively, the lives of those around them.  Even in a case where one doesn’t get to be so lucky to make their passion their career, they should take time to devote themselves to the things that they enjoy. These would enable them become lightheaded and happy; and a happy person is on the way to become a better person.

Have some confidence

It is necessary to build confidence as one grows to become a better person. The more the growth, the better the person. It is important that you are assertive when relating with others. Having low self-esteem or timidity is highly discouraged. You are encouraged to be adventurous and to not live in fear. It is important that you pursue your dreams with all boldness, and also learn to act on instincts. If a person envisions a type of life, then they should not be scared to pursue that dream.

Be very compassionate

While interacting with others you should develop a compassionate heart. It is necessary to be less selfish, and show more concern to others.  You don’t have to receive that urgent call before you offer to help another person. This may seem unnecessary, but it does warm the hearts of others towards you. Always be ready to help others. Don’t be so caught up in your own space that you are selfishly blinded against the needs of those that are around you. Make it a habit to consult those that would be affected, when making decisions. No one should be negatively affected by the decisions that you make as a person.

Have a good attitude

As you develop into a better person, be conscientious or meticulous in the kind of attitude that you put up. You need to be attentive to the things around you. Meticulous people are known for their dedication and thoroughness to whatever they put their mind to. Being meticulous or conscientious is an asset to those around you, and that causes you to be better appreciated. You should aim for excellence-push against your ‘boundaries’ and stretch those limits. That helps increase your capacity while developing you. Also, learn to be dependable as that goes a long way in grooming a better person. A person that’s dependable is able to interact better with others and enjoy a beautiful and happy life. Also, empathising with people helps to have successful relationships. Learning from others’ perspectives gives an insight to understanding them, resolves conflicts, and grants great relationships.

Becoming a better person doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process. Be ready and willing to expect nothing less than the best, from you. Improve yourself, and push yourself to so much capacity that helps you live life to the fullest, and have a happier and better life.

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