13 Killed In Latest Fulani Herdsmen Attacks In Benue & Delta State

fulani latest attacks in benue delta state

June 19, 2016 – Fulani Militants Kill 12 At Ugondo Logo Benue, Gun Down Farmer In Delta State

Fulani cattlemen have invaded Ugondo, a community in Logo Local Government Area, Benue State, killing no fewer than 15 persons.

We learnt that the marauders, who razed a part of the community, also took over the deserted villages.

A fleeing member of the attacked community, who spoke to our correspondent, said, “The people were shooting sporadically and the villagers fled, including myself and members of my family for fear of being killed.

In another development, residents of Ossissa community in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta State have been thrown into mourning following the killing of a 45-year-old farmer by gunmen suspected to be herdsmen.

The incident which happened on Thursday was among other series of attacks on local farmers by herdsmen in recent times in the state.

It was gathered that the victim, identified as Mr. Nwadei Ikechukwu, was returning home from his farm on a motorcycle when he was gunned down.

7 thoughts on “13 Killed In Latest Fulani Herdsmen Attacks In Benue & Delta State

  1. Everything about this country is awkward, what is the Government and these Fulanis community leaders doing? Nigeria does not have one tenth of cattle in Argentina, why is ours social structure so fucked up? Same thing with oil, we are not the only country with oil; why all these shits na?

  2. Eh eh, when will dis animals be stopped, they are gettg more confidence everyday, I even heard they av an association that are writng to d govt and making demands.
    They ridicule the govt and d country as a whole.

  3. ever since Buhari cling to power Fulani herds just kill people any how they want, the Nimbo attack was not adress the by the president in any form, even to visit the village, little anything our president run to US presidents to seek for advise,idea and help but could not learn from them. Hausa people make me sick. if this problem is not adress this country will turn into something else and blood will flow

  4. The FG is intentionally unwilling to decisively deal with this menace of herdsmen in order to justify that grazing bill they want to pass. I don’t see how the actual owners of the cattle herds could not be traced up till now. This is how many problems that have simple solutions in this country have been bureaucratically messed up.

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