14000 Bags Of Thailand Rice Imported Into Nigeria From China Seized By Customs

14000 bags of rice seized customs

August 20, 2016 – Customs Seizes 31 Rice Containers From China As Importer Falsely Declared It As Yeast

NCS Seizes 14000 Bags Of Thailand Rice Imported Into Nigeria From China As Importer Falsely Declared It As Yeast

The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) has impounded 31 containers laden with rice, estimated to be worth around N74m from China.

Speaking to newsmen on Friday in Lagos, the Comptroller General of the NCS, Col. Hamid Alli (Rtd) stated that the service intercepted 31 rice laden containers falsely declared as containing yeast by an importer at the Tin-Can Island Port in Lagos.

The Customs CG who was represented by the Deputy Comptroller General (DCG) of Customs in charge of Enforcement Investigation and Inspection, Dan Ugo explained that. “An importer by the name Destiny Limited brought in 31 containers of rice and declared them to be yeast.

“Yeast is supposed to be 5 percent of duty while rice attracts 10 percent plus 60 per cent levy. So the implication of this if it had scaled through would have been about N74m loss to the Federal Government.

“The 31 containers of rice would have short-changed the Nigerian government about N74m. We are talking about over 14,000 bags of Thailand rice brought in from China. However, due to eagle eyed security operatives, this anomaly was intercepted.

“The era of somebody having false declaration, and then thinking Customs will ignore it and just ask him to go and pay the correct duty is over. Anybody caught will be prosecuted according to the laws of the land.

“The manifest of the containers stated right from the port of origin that the containers contained yeast. It shows the criminal mindset of the importer who is now at large.”

6 thoughts on “14000 Bags Of Thailand Rice Imported Into Nigeria From China Seized By Customs

  1. THINGS are hard, very hard, and people are trying buy all hook and crook to maximize profit. The importer has committed, and should be duely penalized.

    I WONDER what is currently going on in the mind of tha impoter. If he lays his hands on a gun, he wouldn’t hesitate to blow the custom officials’ brain. NCS is as risky as the police.

  2. The heavy losses suffered by this importer, will teach him a big lesson. He had the financial means to do a legitimate business, but he chose the path of ” get rich quick” through dubious business undertaking. The Nigerian economy is tough today, but this should not be an excuse to go into crime, or get involved in dubious business undertakings. In the midst of our current economic challenges, various business opportunities are available for those with the financial means. The guiding rule for business owners to succeed, is to avoid greed, render quality products and services that are affordable. Man is the architect of his fortune or misfortune.

  3. Nigerians are paying the price for the outrageous reliance on oil. How could the decision makes be so foolish to lie low during the shift from farm produce to interest in oil production. Food is life and to ignore that imperils prosperity and security. From being a prime producers of rice Nigerians have become prime importers of the product. That is shameful!

  4. This is why we should patronize our local rice producers. We should encourage them so as to improve our economy

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