2 Chinese Businessmen Importing Used Tyres Into Nigeria & Selling Them As New Arrested


chinese importing used tyres into nigeria

Feb 27, 2017 – 2 Chinese Businessmen Importing Used Tyres Into Nigeria & Selling Them As New Arrested

SON, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria has arrested two Chinese citizens, Xu Jing Yau and Taolung Shen who were said to have dealt in substandard tyres worth over N5bn.

The suspects, according to a statement on Sunday, were paraded following their arrest, and the sealing of the warehouse where they had been cloning different sizes of tyres under different brand names.

The suspects, the statement added, churned out the substandard tyres into the Nigerian market under brand names such as Powertrac, Aptany, Harmony, Duraturn, Bearway, City Tour, Winda, Glory, Chachland, City Grand, Grandsonte and Sunny.

According to SON, the suspects brought the substandard tyres into Nigeria by stuffing them into one another.

“Sometimes as many as five tyres were stuffed into one and the tyres would have bent and ruptured in several places, thereby looking weak and slack.

“But the Chinese adorned the tyres with new labels and shinny linings to create the impression of being new and healthy,” SON said.

Some of the tyres found in the warehouse had post-dated manufacturing dates.


13 thoughts on “2 Chinese Businessmen Importing Used Tyres Into Nigeria & Selling Them As New Arrested

  1. wire wire boiz dey do chinese wayo o.
    o bobs no wonder accident dey happen wella.
    from trailer
    to commercial bus
    esp lag
    so na dese smally

    who are we to blame
    does naina produce anything.
    imagine if these smallies are producing fake dagbo tire in our own backyard here in naija.
    talk more of the active population.
    meaning say na dem dey supply tires everywhere.
    why cant we make and export tires.
    fucking country.

    from generator..to inverter.to battery.tv..soap..pef..clothes..games..phone’s cloning..na always chinco why.

  2. I hope you people will deal with them accordingly because that’s a big crime…which is contributing to the death of many through road accident.

  3. They need to start their investigations on our it was smuggled into the country, through which port and who released the consignment, persecute the smugglers and destroy the consignment. I hope this steps are taken into account. Unfortunately I don’t thinks appropriate steps will be taken due to rampant corruption and lawlessness in Nigeria; the judiciary is a joke. I rest my case.

  4. The Chinese have a saying that is paraphrased as cheat foreigners but don’t kill them. These ones took a step further to come and kill Nigerians. Nigerians should beat them (as in a video that went viral recently) as they beat one Ibo man who stole in China.

  5. How did the tires enter the country without inspection? Those Chinese bastards know they can get away with anything in Nigeria, of course! Where are the so called kidnappers and ritualists? These ones are “ritual materials” and objects to target for ransom. Since they don’t care what they feed us (plastic rice and noodles) or whether black people live or die, so long as it is profitable for them, why not target them for ransom?. They are exceedingly brave to trade in Nigeria, a country which some of us indigenes are afraid to even visit. God have mercy.

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