2 Nigerian Soldiers Caught On Video Beating Crippled Man In Onitsha Arrested


soldiers arrested for beating disabled man

Feb 9 2017 – 2 Nigerian Soldiers Who Beat Up Crippled Man In Onitsha Anambra State Arrested

The 2 army officers who battered a disabled man in Anambra state on Tuesday have been arrested.

The unidentified soldiers reportedly saw a crippled man wearing military camouflage by the road side in New Market Road before unleashing terror on him.

Instead of them arresting him, they resorted to using brutal force on the helpless man who ended up getting dragged across the road while passersby and shoppers looked in horror.

Army Spokesperson Sani Usman released a statement yesterday that the command has arrested the officers in the video clip below.

Here is the Facebook user who first broke the news

See the statement the Nigerian Army released yesterday.

These merciless officers will do well in Sambisa.

10 thoughts on “2 Nigerian Soldiers Caught On Video Beating Crippled Man In Onitsha Arrested

  1. Are we dey sure say army have arresting those soja mens? Bicos it do me like say they have not arresting them but is lie so that pipuls are not vex again. Make army show us foto where they are tie the two soja mens wey was do this nonsens. Make them show us where they are tie them for ground like goat and flog them. Or we no go biliv say army have arresting them. Army de do wayo o.

  2. THIS IS the depth of wickedness. The army hierarchy is the reason why this kind of thing continues in Nigeria. They hardly ever torture their own who gets involved in a thing like this. Or at best, they give the personnel a pat on the back; a discipline not commensurate with the offence committed.

    HOW COULD A SANE MAN DO this to a helpless man? If I pray that God may visit those two brutes with same fate of that crippled man, i.e., that they, too, be crippled, would that be a bad one?

  3. Although d cripple man was wrong but soldiers are always heartless ,if they were this mean in fighting bokoharam am sure they would not have been into existence by now, nah for poor people dem dey get power pass.

  4. This imbeciles that are called Nigerian military police only know how to bully and cause havoc up and down the country stupid bastards I would have shot them fucking dead on the spot!! Fucking bastards I personally hate them for doing that to a vulnerable human being what the fuck is this country becoming this why it’s called a zoo now you see why fucking animals idiots I hope the become a cripple for life and get a fucking beating worst than the gave to that man bastards

  5. What a wicked heart No wonder the bible say, that the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked who can know it.

  6. It seems the “uniform”worn by law enforcement people has a spiritual effect of cementing or concretizing out any fine sensibility or compassion in their minds. Physical challenges of their victims do not matter to these bullies. Like the case of the blind man Who was rough-handled by uniformed men,…. I narrated that story sometime ago on this blog… It is such a horrible scene to watch. I think course on showing human compassion should be made part of the training of our people in uniform. Perhaps if they are set exams and made to write papers on the topic the importance of decency will be driven into their minds.

  7. If this event had happened in any developed nation, this physically challenged guy would have become a millionaire by now because unknown citizens will file charges on his behalf. It is only in Africa that you can witness awful situation like this. How can they beat up a defenseless cripple man like this? It appeared that these two soldiers were high in control substance.

    There are lots of things going wrong with us as a nation. We need an aggressive overhauling to bring back this Country from total derailing. If this has happened to the family of any senior military officers, those two officer will be severely dealt with in military way but the fact that the victim is a cripple should be a great concern to our military personnel especially on how to improve in their professional ethics.

  8. Can’t stop crying everytime i see this man.Why are so wicked?Why are we so careless toward others?Is itshow of power?Or just stupidity?May God help us

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