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2019 Nigerian General Elections: The Battle Line Has Been Drawn

2019 nigerian presidential election winners

When Warsaw Will See War By Ekekere Samuel

The battle line has been drawn. Across the length and breadth of this nation, two elephants are making all the noise. They are chanting at the top of their voices, “We must win by all means”. The others are cowards. They make silent whispers only, whispers that carry no water. They know their fate already so they dare not jump into the ring else they would be roughly disgraced. They are playing a subtle game.

The drums are been hit. The invitation has gone to the masses, to come out to the village square to watch the two giants trade tackles. The defending champion is “next level”. He changed his name from “change”.  He has had a rough time trying to pull through the issues that arrived with “transformation”. Now he wants to challenge again with a new name. He thinks his name has been his major problem.

At first it seemed no one would challenge “change”. He was making all the noise and threatening the fans of transformation who was kicked out in the previous bout. Now it seems there is a new challenger that’s making all the noise. They call him “Atikulated”. Mr.Change has seen that if he has to have any chance against Atikulated, he has to change his name to “next level”

Ladies and gentlemen, fans and foes on both sides of the divide, the much anticipated battle is edging in. Fans are threatening on both sides of the divide. Everyone’s chanting the name of their elephant. On the “atikulated” side, broken bottles are been waved, disgruntled voices are making voracious noises. On the side of the next level, the security forces are waving their guns, shooting in the air to show solidarity to their boss.

Who is going to win? Everyone is asking this question. Will we see an all-out war? Who is going to lead the provocation? The village square is filled and overflowing already. The chants are increasingly louder as more people flock in. Fans have been changing positions over the last year. It’s going to be an all-out affair going forward.

The reports coming in from the gyms are promising. On both sides of the divide, preparations are entering top gear. The infamous referee, INEC is promising to keep it free and fair. The fears however are rife amongst fans of “atikulated”. They think INEC would be partisan.

Friends and foes from all over the world are putting their eyes on what is going to happen. Reports of money exchanging hands for votes have made the headlines already. Powerful men are talking tough for their candidates; it’s a bloody affair that citizens must avoid.

People are taking the trek across Nigeria. They are heading to the village square. Surprisingly, new seats are been made available to take in more supporters on both ends. The entry ticket is the voter’s card, but some people are breaking the rules. They claim there is a way in without the cards. For them, they don’t need the cards; the result will be announced in favour of their candidate anyway.

Reports of foreigners joining the fray are rife. Some foreigners were arrested the other day with the Nigerian voter’s cards. They’ve been freed already and they are roaming around the village. The war of words is on national television, sadly only about ten percent of Nigerians were privileged to watch. Who cares for what both parties are saying? The major concern is when the real fight arrives, who is going to dole out the most.

From the background, all the supporters are waving their flags, chanting their songs, and blowing vuvuzelas. Next level claims there are still more places to clean with his broom, atikulated thinks his problem is with the rain and the sun, there are still lots of people who need this covering.

Sadly, its dry season during this period of the year in the village square. The sun is really hot but it’s also very dusty. Most Nigerians are left divided over the choice of candidate. They think they need the brooms of next level to sweep out the dust but the heat makes them desire the umbrellas of atikulated.

The rush is on, adverts are rife with statements like “get your voters card” “your voters card is your power”, and some people are standing by the corner of the entrance to the square to buy the votes with just ten thousand naira. Who cares about power when the stomach is empty?

Friends, the musicians are having a field day giving hits upon hits to the amazement of the crowd. Both fans want the license to bring in their own super musical heroes. The musicians are fighting for an opportunity to be the official musical voice of either party. But you must be a global superstar like Davido and his gang to have a chance.

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is on. It will be a battle to see.

[About the author: Ekekere Samuel writes from Uyo, Nigeria. He is the vision driver for Soaring Life ministries. Visit Find him on Twitter and on Facebook]

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. iron bar

    December 18, 2018 at 12:05 PM

    Strong contenders may not make it.personally,prof moghalu have my vote because he is charged up and ready to take the lead but the two top contenders ,one with a fat wallet and again power of incumbency helping the other..But a nation with no security and swimming in reccession is no nation.people are dying because of poor economy and even greater people dying with the excessive killings from dreaded herdsmen and vicious bokoharam.i stand with anyone but buhari.

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