3 Lagos Women Fighting Over Caroline Danjuma’s Husband, Musa

women fighting caroline danjuma husband

Nov 10, 2014 – Lagos Big Babes In Public Fight Over Caroline Danjuma’s Husband

Former Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma is not a happy woman at the moment after a public show of shame involving her wealthy husband Musa Danjuma.

The Lagos socialite on Saturday reportedly got himself into trouble when 3 of his mistresses got into a physical fight at a function.

To cut the long story short, Musa Danjuma reportedly took the three ladies away in his Rolls Royce car and settled them after the ladies ended up performing their usual “till day break” services.

caroline danjuma husband

Though Caroline Danjuma is still living in denial of what happened but eagle eyes who spotted them leaked the secret to the public today.

Caroline Danjuma has started cursing all her husband’s haters and mistresses on Instagram.

Musa and Caro are blessed with three children.

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  1. after marry ur daugther age as wife,beautifull woman,with 3 cute kid for u,old dog still going around looking for food outside.i pray he dont give her HIV or any STD God,this is ur point of divorcing this old dog,and get u a clean young man as husband.

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