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4 Year-Old Boy Kidnapped From School In Ijebu Ode Rescued

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4 Year-Old Boy Kidnapped From School In Ijebu Ode Rescued

4 year old boy kidnapped school ijebu odeWale Ogunbadejo

Oct 26, 2016 – 4 Year-Old Boy Kidnapped From School In Ijebu Ode Rescued, Kidnappers Leader Wale Ogunbadejo Arrested

A young boy kidnapped from Abdul Rahman Academy in Sabo area of Obalende, Ijebu Ode on the 18th of October 2016 has been rescued.

According to police report, 4-year-old Attairu Amiru was abducted by one of the kidnap gang members who pretended to be acting on the instruction of the parents of the student.

The kidnappers later demanded for N5million from the school authorities and the parents of their victim.

Ogun Police spokesperson who confirmed this story said the victim had been handed over to his parents.



  1. D Hunter

    October 26, 2016 at 7:06 AM

    Why would kidnapping crimes not be on the increase? When the FG is just watching helplessly and doing nothing about it?

    With this sort of lukewarm approach to this crime from the Govt., maybe very soon too, a time shall come when even Teachers will start kidnappinig their students especially if their salaries stopped coming promptly, who knows?
    This is bcos even if they are caught, nothing is gono happen.

    I take a stroll…

  2. sola olaniyi

    October 26, 2016 at 7:31 AM

    look at his evil face..idiot

  3. fifelomo

    October 26, 2016 at 8:20 AM

    Kidnapping seems to be other of the day. FG, something needs to be done fast.

  4. Big Aunty Koks

    October 26, 2016 at 12:04 PM

    Kidnap a four year old and you no dey shame???
    March the ye ye people to jail!!! Mchweeeeeeew!

  5. Stanley Jones

    October 26, 2016 at 3:32 PM

    ***** don’t blame him instead blame ur stupid Government who don’t gv a fuck abt its citizen,if these dude had been in a coun3 like England or US whr d economy is strong with lots of jobs he wouldn’t has gone into kidnapping or do U guys criticizing him ever thought these guys derive joy in kidnapping? hunger and frustration can make someone do desperate things, or still u don’t know how it feels to be hungry proberly ur parents are rich…

  6. D Hunter

    October 26, 2016 at 4:18 PM

    From the way you are sounding, it looks like the guy is related to you @ Stanley Jones.

    Is he the only one passing through hard times in this country? Your reasoning is too weak to convince me. What if we all take to different crimes? Is that what‘s gono bring the solution to the problem affecting the country?
    Meehn… Abeg park well o jare!

    We have a case of a lazy bone and coward here and you are sticking your damn neck for him.
    Why not go and kidnap too bcos things are hard? And in doing so you mistakenly get close to my house, even if its a common Lizard outside my walls I see you kidnap, you will see the kind of signature that I will use my cutlass to sign on you head.

    I take a stroll…

  7. Zuliyat

    October 27, 2016 at 2:25 PM

    I disagree with u @ Stanley Jones if the country is okay dos with evil will still do evil d country u use as an examples also hv d bad one. So government is not affecting only him

  8. Wale Ogunbadejo

    February 8, 2017 at 1:05 PM

    Please dint judge me dis way,,its not lyk dat and its not what u pple think,,Am wale ogunbadejo,am d 1 u people are referring to…. I knew nothing about dis issue,,it was my friend who is an Hausa DAT kidnapped his younger brother,, although I didn’t know he kidnapped his brother,but wat happened was DAT am d only one living and I help people a lot most especially my friends,some will kum to my house to spend weeks,,days and so on ,so dis my enemy who so call my friend DAT went to kidnapped his younger bro came to my house with d boy DAT was kidnapped DAT their parents is not around DAT they wanted to spend 3 days in my house before their parents will be back and I said no prob. Since am the only one living,so why I was been arrested was DAT the second day he came to my house,I went out while he was at my house then with his brother,,u knw an Hausa people are so daft no matter hw many times they mingle with Yoruba’s,, so the stupidity attitude he did was DAT he called their father in requesting for money while I didn’t know,,but the reason why I later knew abt d money was DAT their father later called my number back at night and started begging for 5million,I was just surprised DAT who is dis person,and DAT night that my friend has went out and told me before he went out DAT he was going to a party DAT he is going to sleep there,and I said OK.. So I called his num for me to ask weather he called with my line because am using 2 phones,so I dropped the one am using to browse at home while I took out the one I inserted my hot line,,so his num didn’t go DAT night,well I started waiting for him til the following day so DAT i will ask him what is going on,I couldint found him d next day till afternoon,called his line,is not reachable,so I started thinking different kinds of taught DAT what is going on,not knowing that d police men has already tracked my line,as in the line he used in calling their father,so the police men tracked my line to the extends DAT anyone who called me DAT day will appear in their system over there,,so they first tracked my elder sister and got her arrested,so they showed her my picture DAT did she know me,so she said yes and she took then to where am living,she did DAT bcos she knows d kind if boy I am,I only go on my way,easy going only the problem I have his DAT I too much have friends and they too they come my house and sleep there,so when they came to my house,they asked who is wale, I said it was me,and they leave my sister immediately and arrested me,they told me am under arrest,and I answered for what, what have I done wrong,they said when I reach their station,I will explain myself,and I said. No prob let’s go,my sister asked what happened, I said nothing DAT didn’t she trust me,she said OK and called my mum immediately,so when I reached obalende police station,chain…they started beating me DAT am s kidnapper, I was just surprised DAT what is going on,they took me in and shoe my the picture of the boy DAT was kidnapped, I said I know him DAT he is my friend junior brother DAT hr is even in my house right now DAT his brother is still coming, so they took me immediately to my house back DAT day and I showed them the boy,so I started observing DAT when they see d boy and took him,they started treating in a bad way DAT am d one DAT kidnapped d boy,they beat me and wound me DAT day,,they took me back to obalende and I told them I knee nothing about it DAT they should asked his brother ,so the police man aak ed me how they will get his bro,I thank God DAT the picture if my friend is also among dose pictures dats with d police men,and they all d pictures through those numbers DAT called me and also d 1 I called out since d day they track NY num,so I told d police men DAT he was d one DAT brought his brother to my house,I explained everything to them the way it happened, so when they asked me hie they will get his brother which bears Mustafa,so I told them to give my phone so I will also track him down,so they put me inside they motor and asked me to take them to where we fit find him,I now took them to a place called Aiyegbami cos DAT is where he always stays,so on getting there,we called his line and d num go through,I spoke to him to come and meet me there,he said no prob and I observed something immediately he said he was coming, the father of DAT my friend stared spoking Hausa languages in d car we are with d police men,while d police men also are responding, so d next thing is DAT they changed plan and said to each other DAT what are they waiting for again DAT they should carry me to Abk,Eleweran….I started crying I know nothing about it,they started laughing and took me away while they didn’t wait again to arrest DAT my friend,so later on they took me to abeokuta, on getting there,they started beating me while most people they talk their own say as small as I am,I go kidnapper, I was so ashamed DAT the tin I know nothing about,so I used 3weeks there before they carry me to court,not only me oooo,I was arrested with some of my friends DAT stays with me too,,people like Akube,and Fatai,they asked who them be,I told them they are jus my friend,so d police men said we all know about it but bcos they saw d boy in my house and am d 1st person they arrested,DAT is why they snapped me and leave others by not snapping them,they said since am d 1st accused,so later on all our parents. Showed up at Abk,trying to let them free us,they even collect money from our parents and they know as d matter they be,thoyse Hausa’s quickly sent DAT my friend who is their son to kwara bcos DAT is where he is schooling,,so they eventually told our parents DAT they should not worry DAT they will release us,our parents feel relaxed,while they took us to ijebu ode Court, our parents started crying DAT they should please,they said they shoyld not worry that they will leave us,ou4 parents quickly go and get lawyer and those lawyers did their work perfectly by moving close to us and asked what happened, and we quickly explained for him shortly,so DAT day the Judge adjoint d case forward, while they took us to ijebu ode prison,so we started praying make God allow them to free us,so we thank God by his hand work when He judge our IPO by letting to shoot a small boy with d age of 18yrs,so he didn’t show up in court again,although d boy didn’t die but he spend up to 200,000 naira,he also bought machine for the boy,his case self brutal Dan our own cos d parent of d boy he shot wanted to help him do serious case,so him too was detained ib Abk for further notice,so on our next court the judge ask what hpn and we explained,and the judge said he adjoint d case again bcos our IPO is not around and he also want to see d parent of d kidnapped boy,so the parent nobshow up again bcos some people has gone to them to tell them not to show up cos it seems they will arrest their son,and as the case they go now it seems their son was d one who did it,so our next court they didn’t show up again both their parent and IPO,see now DAT is when our own parents later believe we know nothing about it,how will I do such when I know how my family is,well we thank God we are released and we are warned not to move wit friends we didn’t know even if we can do it,we should not have any friend for now,see how am disgraced,,how many people will believe is not true?? A whole me,DAT I know my worth in ijebu,well I thank God,what if I die??? But we all leave Judgement to almighty God,our IPO is still at Eleweran till now… my people,,dats how it happened if am not released,I won’t come here to say out d truth….when I heard I was online been disgraced,,I pity myself and my parents DAT it asif I should even die,,a lot of people saying bad tn abt me,but thank God I use dis opportunity to know d good and d bad….I didn’t blame u guys DAT comment here,,even if am among u guys I will likewise say out my own comment…..thanks a lot,,still me….Wale Ogunbadejo and am sure where I will reach to make it in life,I will surely reach there….Amen. Pls my people,,I want to ask 1 question,,I know d person DAT go will surely come back,and what Eva goes up must surely comes down,,anytime any day I see this stupid Mustafa DAT disgrace me in public,,what should I do him back as a payment because he price me with all this assault….. I mean d guy I called my friend DAT kidnapped his younger brother????? What should I do him????

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