44 Cultists Expelled From LASU, 25 Others Suspended For Cheating During Examination

44 cultists expelled lagos

August 3rd, 2016 – 44 LASU Cultists Expelled, 25 Others Suspended For Cheating During Examination

Lagos State University, LASU management has expelled 44 students over cultism.

A statement by the school’s Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations, CIPPR, on Wednesday said the decision to expel the students was taken during a management meeting of the school.

The statement added that 25 other students had been suspended by the school’s management for examination malpractice.

10 thoughts on “44 Cultists Expelled From LASU, 25 Others Suspended For Cheating During Examination

  1. Perfectly OK. Good radiance to bad rubbish. Just hope the innocents are not mistakenly expelled or suspended?

  2. Meaning cultism will automatically end in all our educational institutions in Nigeria? 44 gone how many remains?

  3. Its quite unfortunate d situation dis students had put their parents, after spending so much to send them to school, all is now waisted. Joining gangs In school all for what, that I don’t still understand.
    The school took d right step, bcos the rate at which cultism is growing in schools nowadays is alarming.
    This will serve as a lesson to others not to engage in such activities, go to school read and come out to become somethg for urselves, by making ur parents and loved ones proud.

  4. LASU authority deserve to be commended for this strict act and i hope other higher institutions can follow suit.

  5. Cultism Its becoming so rampant on campuses these days that it has instill fear on the minds of some prospective students that they now dread going to school in some states.
    I wont mention names.

    But I think LASU has actually taken a lead fight against this vice in our Unis. I wish every other citadels of learning across the country borrow a leave from this action.

    I take a stroll…

  6. we are complaining of our leaders of today just take a look at our leaders of tomorrow… it saddens my heart when i hear cases of cultists among educated elites who knows there is no benefit in it except killings…
    … @Huchennar

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