5 Dead After Eating Dog Meat At Restaurant In Woji, Port Harcourt Rivers State

5 dead dog meat

June 3rd, 2015 – 5 Died After Eating Dog Meat In Woji Area Of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Inn Owner On The Run

The owner of a popular restaurant on Woji road in Port Harcourt Rivers State has fled after 5 of his customers died of dog meat poisoning.

The meat was cooked by one Friday Dickson popularly called Etiaba, the owner of the inn that has been in operation for a very long time.

The discovery of 5 dead bodies at the mini inn on Woji Road has put fear in the heart of the residents.

The situation has mounted tension in the community, resulting in an emergency meeting by the council of chiefs and elders, with a view to locating other members of the community who also ate the dog meat.

Rivers State Police officials are currently on the hunt for the suspect.

6 thoughts on “5 Dead After Eating Dog Meat At Restaurant In Woji, Port Harcourt Rivers State

  1. People should beware of Anuh 404 most of this dogs lives in the street and eat whatever they sees outside well Rip to the victims

  2. what gain will the resturant owner get seein this death bodys of
    their customer…….SUCH A EVIL WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The dog probably ate poison and was sold to the restaurant owner. Typical Naija behavior. No meat is sold out to the public in advanced country without passing through inspection and screening for harmful things to humans. So sad!

  4. I don’t know why some people decide to eat dogs meat,out of all bush meat and fish everywhere.. silly people, i cant use the pot use to cook dog meat to cook my food God forbid it

  5. this is what happens when u decide to eat that which is suppose to be man best friend, we don’t value our pet,. How then can we value human life. God pls help our country Nigeria.

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