5 Kidnappers Jailed For 50 Years In Sapele Delta State Over Abduction Of 70-Year-Old Trader

kidnappers jailed 50 years delta state

July 21, 2016 – 5 Kidnappers Jailed For 50 Years In Sapele Delta State Over Abduction Of 70-Year-Old Trader

A court in Sapele today sentenced five kidnappers to 50 years imprisonment for allegedly abducting an elderly trader.

The convicts reportedly ambushed 70-year-old Queen Ogbor as she was driving into her house around 7pm on July 14 in Abraka.

Nemesis caught up with them when on the following day before they could establish contact with their victim’s family for ransom, they were apprehended by security agents who traced them to their hideout through their footsteps.

The convicts identified as 25-year-old Fidelis Ochuko, 21-year-old Kelvin Opuoma, 20-year-old Kelly Jonathan, 20-year-old Kevwe Itedjere and 20-year-old Joseph Enakpodia were today sentenced to 10 years imprisonment each with hard labour.

The victim was rescued unhurt.

16 thoughts on “5 Kidnappers Jailed For 50 Years In Sapele Delta State Over Abduction Of 70-Year-Old Trader

  1. Ten years is nonsense! The judge should have slammed them a term that would gaurantee that they come out with gray hairs.

  2. Was thinking death penalty for any kidnapping activities but kinda feel 50 years is fear enough because victim was rescued alive. Is the same sentence applied to every states in Nigeria or an angry judge just did this probably the victim is his or her uncle. .


  3. Just as I nodded in agreement that each will be at least 70 years old by the time they finish the sentence I realize they are given only 10 years each. Nonsense wicked people. The speed at which the case was tried is commendable though!

  4. May God forgive n have mercy on u guys and grant u enough wisdom in that prison.. imagine d shame u hv brought to ur families…. You guys really have guts to kidnap a grandma.. curse be s day u allowed devil to lead u astray..
    Do u guys ever know that u r nothing but teens??? Huh… What a shame!!

    Do serve well in that prison n thank God u were sentenced by a kind George.. Cos is if it were AMANDA or METU u wld hv served 70years imprisonment and above n Infact death sentence if care not taken.. D HUNTER wld hv simply take u guys to hunting n hunt u down, serve ur suya to d beast, MARYF, FIFELOMO, ENDURE, AUNTY K, wld have wiped the hell out of u befr sentencing u guys.. DANTI, KEEPING IT REAL, wld hv just danty n kept u guys real by hanging you guys befr u even mention pri..
    BENCH, wld hv come with his endless English n this time he will make sure u both smoke Igbo until u give up d ghost!! KOOLZ wld hv just prayed fr u, give u hot slaps that will upgrade ur senses befr he thinks of the nxt action that will suite ur crimes… Stupid, Useless Premature Little kidnappers! Go and learn from ur mistakes.. Every mistake is a lesson!

    #N so LGO: Life Goes On#

  5. they could have giveing them 50 ys each, when they come out no power to kidnappers other again they too are age group of the old woman they kidnapp,any something is better than nothing, 10ys,is still gud.

  6. Welcome HUCHENNAR, Smile jare.. I forgit u are here…. how person go do with this little termites of a thing kidnapping grandmas n grandpas… Useless nitwitious scums like them.

    D Hunter n Amanda are off d scene cos they are both waiting fr first to pull d trigger in other that d second will take a grudge against the first.. (that describes Amanda) … Amanda u see say u don price D Hunter abi?? I vex oo..
    Well, both of u Shld let go off d pains.. D Hunter n Amanda, return let’s pop some champagne..

    “A warm smile is d universal language of kindness, it costs nothing but values much… its conveys emotions n relaxes ones mind with a nice hope of a better tomorrow, while happiness is allowed to ride on a highway to d soul, n sadness having no choice than to find its way to a burning furnace forever” … I pray this warm smiles visit’s and take d best parts of both of you and likewise everyone, now b always…


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