5 Questions Obasanjo Asked Jonathan During Meeting With Oyedepo & Adeboye


questions obasanjo asked jonathan

Jan 15, 2015 – 5 Questions Obasanjo Asked Jonathan During Meeting Infront Of Oyedepo & Adeboye

When Obasanjo showed up at President Jonathan’s daughter’s wedding in Abuja last weekend uninvited, GEJ took it as a friendly gesture unknown to him that some top PDP leaders begged Obasanjo to show up as a sign of support for Jonathan.

OBJ obliged and was captured bowing for Jonathan, a picture Obasanjo reportedly ordered Aso Rock photographer to delete from his record.

At the meeting, President Jonathan reportedly asked Obasanjo for support as he planned to campaign in Abeokuta the following week.

Jonathan used the opportunity to pay a courtesy visit to the elder stateman’s mansion.

One of the sources, who was present at the meeting, said Obasanjo merely welcomed Jonathan and other PDP chieftains in his home as a mark of respect to the office of the President and not to make peace.

We learnt Obasanjo deliberately requested the presence of two top Pastors Oyedepo and Adeboye to act as  witnesses at the meeting to prove the point that it is Jonathan who actually caused disaffection between them by reneging on previous decisions they jointly reached.

Why The Meeting Ended Abruptly

The source said Obasanjo was irked by last Sunday’s statement in which Jonathan referred to some elder statesmen behaving as ‘motor park touts’, a classification, Obasanjo reportedly took in bad faith.

Obasanjo however allegedly asked Jonathan some salient questions, saying if he (Jonathan) could answer them truthfully before everyone present, then peace could be reached.

Some of the questions allegedly asked were:

1. Did you agree to run for only one term or not?

2. What did you tell me was your reason for not going after Boko Haram insurgent even when I told you this will boomerang?

3. What happened to the Nigeria’s external reserve and sovereign wealth fund?

4. Did you give licence to Niger Delta Militants (Dokubo and Tompolo) to import arms in the name of their privately owned companies? If so for what reasons?

5. Did you not get correspondence from the United States consulate that a certain citizen named Buruji Kashamu is indicted for Drug trafficking ? Why did you appoint the same Kashamu as South West leader of PDP rather than hand him over to the US? And did the PDP give automatic senate ticket to a wanted and convicted drug baron?

A security source who requested anonymity said Jonathan refused to answer Obasanjo’s question and so the meeting was called off by OBJ with no peace agreement reached between the two.