72% Of Nigerian Men Don’t Satisfy Their Wives Sexually – Statistics


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Feb 26, 2015 – 72% Of Nigerian Men Don’t Satisfy Their Wives Sexually – Statistics

According to Statistics, About 72% of Nigerian Men don’t Satisfy their spouse sexually. This statistics was critically analyzed from both Genders.

According to some Nigerian women, they make their spouse believe they are being satisfied by ‘faking it’ during sexual intercourse. When asked the reason, most of them claim:

1. They don’t want him to feel bad
2. They don’t to damage his self-confidence
3. They claim ‘’He is too Egoistic’’.

Aggregating all these together, we found out that 44% of these women have extra marital affairs, 9%
masturbates, while the rest just endures.

Putting all these together, we finally concluded that the cause of poor sexual experience between couples is due to the following reasons:

1. Lack of Communication between couples.
2. Fear.
3. Ego.
4. inconsistency etc.

The Honest Solution

The mistake most Nigerian men make is always trying to find quick method to cure their premature ejaculation, which ranges from using Drugs, Creams, Herbs etc. This quick solution has harmful effect on the man’s health. That’s why nowadays, most men complain of low libido (low sex urge).

Another effect of these sexual drugs from recent findings, is that, it may also be harmful to the unborn child.

The Natural Way

Ejaculation is likened to urination, when you were a baby you don’t know how to urinate, but you were taught as time went past till when you were able to hold your urine.

Now, even though you are watching a very important thing on TV, lets a football match, e.g. MAN UTD VS CHELSEA, of which your team wants to score a goal, and you are feeling pressed to urinate at that moment, what would you do? Of course you will hold the ‘urge’ and watch that moment, then after then you may later enter the toilet.

That is how PREMATURE EJACULATION IS, just like a baby trying to learn how to control urination, but now its EJACULATION.

It happens in virtually MOST MEN in the universe. And the best way to stop it is naturally.

To this effect, There are 15 ways to Naturally Cure Premature Ejaculation.

Have you noticed that God created the woman, to have Sexual stamina than the man? She can last longer in sex before reaching orgasm.

Let me tell you, if you can let your spouse know about everything, you have solved 51% of your problem. Seriously once you let her know, you will have confidence and she will support you through till you are the best. it happens in most men, yours may be due to your faithfulness during your youthful age that cause your inexperience, or some other reasons.

You need to create time for consistence practice and practice till you become better.

Once you have passed this test, the remaining natural steps that will be performed by you will be so easy.

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