8-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide In Nsukka, Enugu State

girl commits suicide enugu

March 11, 2014 – 8-Year-old Girl Commits Suicide In Nsukka, Enugu State

Chiemerie Asadu, an 8-year-old girl has allegedly killed herself in Nsukka area of Enugu.

According to residents, Asadu took her own life yesterday evening.

Family members of the deceased, wondered why she took her life, considering her age.

“I am terribly surprised because I saw that girl playing with other children when I was going to the market in the morning.

“I wonder what will make a girl of eight to commit suicide. Another thing that surprise me is that the two legs of the victim were touching the ground, which is not normal when one commits suicide; the legs should be up.

“I urge the police and relevant security agencies to investigate that alleged suicide. Even the rope on the neck of the victim is not strong enough to kill her.” – said a resident who pleaded anonymity

Enugu state PRO, Ebere Amaraizu who confirmed the suicide said:

“The police have commenced investigations into the sudden and unnatural death that occurred last Monday at about 3.20pm, at Ofulonu Nsukka, where a little girl of about eight years hanged herself to death in the bathroom.

“The corpse of the deceased is now at Bishop Shanahan Mortuary, Nsukka.”

12 thoughts on “8-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide In Nsukka, Enugu State

  1. it is not possible for her to kill herself like that someone must have raped her and strangle her

  2. Very sad, R. I. P
    May the lord disclose the person that involved in jesus name(AMEN).
    A word for the parents, All ways look after your children and be reading the word of GOD with they in prayer. (children counselling)
    * 08038433483 #

    • Pastor if u are advertising I don’t think this is the right place. Kini iwo fe wait ask yourself Kini iwo ni rubbish this isn’t a church contribute to matters like an adult.

  3. its so sad 4 such a news 2 come out, a little child like dis can’t commit suicide, a child can die mistakenly but not premeditated act, someone is behind her death, may her soul rest in peace, wat a wicked world we live in

  4. I wish i can say rest in peace but i can’t because I will be deceiving myself.Ebere,red is begging you to use your position to get to public,dig and get to the root of this suicide before it becomes the latest trend against our innocent kids.

  5. Three things can not be hidden for so long (the Star, the Moon and the Truth) very soon the truth wil come out. RIP little Chiemerie.

  6. RIP lytle girl…..nofin can b hiden unda d grass 4 a long tyme…d truth shall certainly come awt….wu so eva must ave don dat wont ave rest of mind.

  7. The cry of this little child has reached the high heavens. This is not suicide. Somebody killed her. Whosoever did this killing will never see good both in this life and after life. God will never forgive this bastard. It is time for the Police and the state to start prosecuting these cases and stop releasing these idiots when they offer to bear the burial cost and offer the parents money. They should be made to bear these costs and in addition, executed.

  8. Chiemerie, i dnt wnt u 2 rest yet cos u still hv some work 2 do. First of all, expose ur killers so dat justice will b gvn. Let dem reap wat they sowed, only then shld u REST IN PEACE little Angel.

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