A Little Encouragement For All The Working Pregnant Women & Expectant Mothers Out There

working pregnant woman

September 8, 2016 – A Little Encouragement For All The Working Pregnant Women & Expectant Mothers Out There

Pregnancy is no walk in the park, and I know this all too well.

With a tiny human slowly growing inside of you for more than nine months, you are bound to be uncomfortable. But, while pregnancy challenges both your mind and body, I have a request: I want to ask all expectant mothers to embrace the bump, take out enough time to rest and listen to your body.

For those of you who just can’t handle it anymore, don’t worry, you are a super woman for giving another human a chance to live.

Just hang in there this too shall pass.

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6 thoughts on “A Little Encouragement For All The Working Pregnant Women & Expectant Mothers Out There

  1. Our dear husbands should assist us sometimes. I’ve seen some women get depressed when pregnant .
    little love shown from time to time goes a long way.
    Make your work place comfy for yourself, after all there’s a saying that pregnant women never do wrong in the public eyes.

    I believe that women need love the most when pregnant.Even Sleeping Can Be an issue for some,some develop HBP or past out .
    Make your wife/worker feel loved and wanted .Date her and make her a little bit comfortable because she have YOUR REPRESENTATIVE IN HER.(that’s the husband )

    For those who can’t handle the stress especially when in long distance relationship and still work full-time, get along with other pregnant moms and create a reading or discussion group where you can air out your fears and worries .

    Don’t join the show off and the MY HUSBAND IS THIS OR THAT.

    Yoga helps a lot to relax the body and soul after that hectic day at work.You can learn it online .
    Get the most comfortable bed if you afford it.

    Hold on tight,your pain and discomfort will melt like snow on a hot sunny day when you see your baby.
    If you’re expecting right and feel the world is on top of you,pls don’t nag. Just explain what makes you comfortable to your partner or boss and they will understand.

    WHO RUN THE WORLD ? GIRLS !!! (Thanks Beyonce )

  2. WHEN I THINK upon women, and remember pregnancy, I feel sad for a people who have not been duly appreciated for their role in the bargain of continuity. That is why I go crazy when I hear men who beat their pregnant wives. If the bump could not hold back a man, that man is a brute, simply put. There should be a special bill passed into law for this highly inhumane crime.

    A PREGNANT WOMAN IS the most delicate creature in the world. If all things are equal, I would never let my pregnant wife do a single task. A woman who gives birth to a child is like a man who climbs Everest 7times in three lifetimes. They say that men are the stronger sex. I have thought left, I have thought right. And I have come to conclude, with child bearing, that women are stronger!

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