Abortion Killed 15-Year-Old Nigerian Girl In Lagos; Parents & Boyfriend Arrested

abortion killed 15yr girl lagos

March 13, 2013 – Abortion Killed 15-Year-Old Nigerian Girl In Ikorodu Lagos; Parents & Boyfriend Arrested

Deborah Adegboyega, a 15-year-old Nigerian girl has died as a result of abortion complication.

The deceased’ abortion was aided by her boyfriend and her parents in Lagos State recently.

The exact incident location is #7, Oriokuta Street, Imota, Ikorodu area Lagos state.

Her parents Mr & Mrs Adegboyega and her boyfriend Sodiq Sulaimon have been arrested over her death.

Little Deborah was taken to a fake doctor who allegedly performed illegal abortion on her.

The illegal abortion caused her to bleed to death.

The criminals arrested in connection to her murder are facing multiple charges which include conspiracy and murder at Ebute Metta Magistrate’s court in Lagos.

14 thoughts on “Abortion Killed 15-Year-Old Nigerian Girl In Lagos; Parents & Boyfriend Arrested

  1. the parent should be blame bcos as a parent especially the mother need to be careful
    bringing up the female child it is not an easy job,so im begging the mothers to always be friends to your female child

  2. The person I would rather blame was the decease. If she knew that she could accomodate a man in her body why didn’t she get married instead of opening her legs for her boyfriend, now she is dead and will face God for committing the sins adultary, and two murder cases i.e killing herself and the unborn baby. And the guy too should not think that he has escape, no, infact unless he repent, he will never go free for the crime he committed. I pray that other people learn from this.

  3. I blam d girl who want 4 d abortion, she is playing wise and deid 4 it. d boy also should be punishe enogh 4 killing unborne baby. bcos it’s der agreement.

  4. i dont think the girl should be blamed cos she’s still a child. she knws not wat she was doing. the so-called boyf can sweet mouth her, so he should b blamed. plus the parent. they shouldn’t tell her to get ab abortion. its their fault they loosed a child and they face the consequences.

  5. ​̶̴̳̐̿̾̈́͠Ɛ̤̥̝̈̊̊ don’t av 2 blame d gurl bcos she still α̲̅ child, ​̶̴̳̐̿̾͠Ɛ̤̥̈̊̊ are meant 2 blame her parent by takin her τ̅☺ α̲̅ fake doctor d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣ cause d poor gurl death.

  6. I blame the girl at her age she should have face her studies first. Her mother is the most heartless mother I have ever seen on earth even if they advice her she should have decline and relocate the girl to her relatives and after birth she should continue with her studies. Poor girl was sent to an untimely death. it is a pity.

  7. Who said d gil shud nt b blame re u sure u re wit ur senses? Wat cud a litl gil of 15 b lokin 4 in d hnd of a man (nwata bulie nna ya elu ogodo ekpuchie ya ihu) wen a child eat her mum’s potion she face her mum’s load. Her pernts nd bf can only b blam 4 supotin her 2 go 4 abotion ofcus her parents wia nt dia wen d tin ws swetin her.

  8. ”The Fear of the Lord is the begining of wisdom”, Parents needs to train their children by giving them good moral upbringing and they should also try to inculcate the fear of God in them while bringing them up.

  9. In ds kind of situation d litle grl shd nat b blame,its d responsibility of d bioz parents who knew ds grl was pregnant.d rit tng dat was to b done is to see d grls parents n talk to dem on wat hs hapn rada dan taking d lead on dia own

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